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Transform your relationships

As this model of The Relationship Cycle shows, what we currently feel is the only thing that happens in the Present and where we can affect change to be a state of Peace.

The fact is we can only ever physically exist is in the Here-and-Now moment, which is where change happens in our relationships with ourselves and others.

How to make that change is what Life Might is all about & teaches effectively in the Magnet Moxie online course that features the Ho’oponopono technique.

The JEFTA Relationship Cycle

  1. Judgment (love or fear-based) learned through childhood perception or conditioning
  2. Emotions (healthy or unhealthy) the brain’s response to judgment releases certain chemicals into the nervous system to create an identifying emotion
  3. Feelings (pleasant or unpleasant) chemicals in the nervous system create sensations in the body that reflect identifying feelings
  4. Thoughts (real or imagined) sensations in the body stimulate the mind to find a logical connection to the outer world that justifies the feeling
  5. Actions (constructive or destructive) thoughts guide action to form an interaction with ourselves and others

Transformation with Ho’oponopono

Because a Judgment & its attached Emotion is in the Past while Thoughts and Actions are in the Future, we integrate the Ho’oponopono meditation technique at the Feeling state which is in Present here-and-now and the only place we can exist. From here we can transmute unpleasantness to be one of Inner Peace no matter the underlying emotion and thus change thoughts and actions to correspond with the feeling of peace in our relationships to ourselves and others.

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