Awareness Advantage & Benefits

Mindfulness maintenance lifestyle

Awareness is a personal journey that no one can do for you, nor can you do for anyone else. The best you can do to inspire those you love is to be the example and let them join in when and if they become ready in their own time. 

Once you begin the mindfulness habit you will start the shift into new heights of joy, inspiration and lightness of heart, and although you may or may not begin to see results immediately, give it a chance…it will happen.

The shift can sometimes be akin to turning a steamship on a dime in the ocean where a lot of past focus and energy has created momentum in the wrong direction and other times you will give in to old routines and patterns; it’s all in the learning process. 

Other times it will be like a huge veil is suddenly lifted or your energy does a total 180 direction change onto a new path of expanded consciousness. There will be many AHA moments of epiphanies, revelations, brilliant insights and ingenuity that land in your conscious thoughts like totally new ideas,

The great news is that when you reach your personal milestones you find yourself attracted to more constructive ideas and are also able to discern truth from lies more easily with all of your six senses heightened.

Quick exercise for financial flow

Let’s take an issue that is common for many people: finances. Two quick ways to discern how you feel about it is to do either one of these things and pay attention to the feeling(s) that are triggered within you.

  • download a bank statement and review a month of transactions OR
  • buy a more pricey brand of a particular item that you normally buy at a grocery store, such as coffee/tea, pasta/sauce

Does doing either of these things cause you to tense up anywhere in your body? If so, you’re out of flow if looking at your bank statement makes you cringe or you have resistance to spending more than you usually do for an item.

Refer to the Hawkins Scale on the Awareness page to check your frequency state and use either of these tools to raise it back into a flow state (200 or higher). Then check your feelings around these tasks again and they will be more calm to some degree.

Here are a few fast ways to anchor yourself in this higher flow state around your finances, because you are in fact still giving to yourself no matter where you spend it.

  • deposit $1 or more into your bank
  • spend $1 more on a higher quality item at the grocery store
  • donate $1 or more to any cause you feel prompted (panhandler, charity, SA Xmas kettle)

Major amazing health benefits

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Less depression
  • Curbed addictions
  • Management of eating disorders
  • More energy/Less chronic fatigue
  • Minimize PTSD & ADD
  • Help healing traumatic brain injury
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Major stress reduction
  • Less external conflict
  • Chi/Energy flows freely
  • Better dietary habits
  • More enjoyment with exercise
  • Feeling good in your own body
  • More patience
  • More humming/singing

Heightened senses & intuitive clarity

More than the five VAKOG senses of human perception that many consider ‘normalcy’ there is the awareness sense called intuition – so, a more accurate acronym is VAKOGI. Expanding consciousness through routine meditation helps develop this skill on a constant basis to control the emotionally-dependent limbic system. At the same time all of the other five senses of Vision, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory & Gustatory are heightened as well – bonus!

  • Balances masculine & feminine energy (assertiveness & nurturing)
  • More heart-centered living
  • Food tastes better
  • Faster self-reading ability
  • Ability to read others
  • More accurate hunches
  • Sharper instincts
  • Stronger intuition
  • More loving thoughts
  • Access to universal love
  • Clearer ideas
  • More synchronicity
  • Good plans easily fall into place
  • Less or not affected by drama
  • Ability to change feelings on demand
  • Peripheral vision broadened
  • More resilience for empaths
  • Stronger boundaries are developed
  • Help avoid fatal attractions
  • Heaps more confidence