Internal Guidance System

Causal Emotions & The Limbic Threshold

Emotions are the mind’s response to life experiences that create the chemical reactions in the body and cause us to feel a certain way. They are learned responses and come with a story attached that happened in the past where we no longer live. The only place we exist is the Here-and-Now and with whatever energy pattern is flowing through our body.

Simply put, there are only two basic states of feeling in our body that emotions create and there is a range of degrees within these states.

  • Love is expansive
  • Fear is constrictive

This is where meditation is priceless for bringing your attention to the Here & Now time frame where you can consciously become the objective observer and shift the energy itself. You don’t even have to know the story behind it, even though it may present itself on a conscious level at some point, but you have neutralized its charge.

Energy Guidance System

The tell-tale signs between how you feel compared to how you want to feel are reflected in your thoughts and behaviour via the nervous system. The clearest message the body can give in response to any situation is the Softening vs Tightening in the heart area that results in a feeling that corresponds to a particular emotion. Since the heart emits the strongest magnetic field, it sends the clearest message, which is of great benefit to learn its language as well, because it is so much more expansive than feeling sad, glad or mad.

Consciousness frequency scale

Every thought produces an energy charge that vibrates on a certain frequency as shown by calibrating our level of conscious awareness at any moment. One can examine this scale to become aware of what range they’re at and use techniques to raise themselves higher. This is a time when you literally Seize the Moment and then consciously raising your vibration to at least a 200 Flow state through various activities, meditation being one of them.

Heart-centered meditation helps one maneuver up and through the contracted emotions and with practice helps to stabilize and find balance while moving toward the expanded ones and into ultimate conscious awareness. Ho,oponopono further assists in mastering awareness and control over lower frequency states with deliberate intent and focus.

Other ways to raise vibrations is certain music and foods, reading and play, as well as following spiritual leader, engaging a life coach and simply looking at this scale.

Being states versus feeling

The far better distinction of our human ‘being-ness’ is that we often say we ‘are’ happy or angry. In fact we are ‘being’ happiness or anger as an experiential state of body’s energy field that we carry around everywhere. Through awareness from the observer stance we can change any being state of energy we choose with guidance and practice. Yay♥

The limbic threshold

Two basic frequency states create two different responses in the limbic system of the brain that depends on its degree of calm for cohesive versus anxious decision-making. Problems of all sorts arise when that particular line is crossed, which means one is living life through a destructive lens rather than a calm productive one. Notably, not everyone’s line is the same as is often shown by their level of patience.

It is not healthy to avoid or repress feelings of fear and the accompanying discomfort, only to acknowledge and release them along with the energy they hold in your cells. When it comes to deeply-rooted sadness or heart-ache, allowing those energy imprints to surface gently and without judgment will allow easier release. This release then lead to faster healing of the body’s cells and organs, which leads to healthier life choices.