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Introduction to meditation

Pondering meditation

The short and sweet of it is that meditation is one very popular term describing the act of placing deliberate focus on your own inner space in order to center or re-align with your core state of being – the realm of inner peace. Other terms are mindfulness, introspection, reflection and rumination. These actions involve noticing, clearing and directing thoughts and emotions toward awareness of self.

The ability to meditate needn’t take years to develop. Simply put, anyone can count down from 100. Surely, the importance of practicing the release of destructive patterns is worth a few minutes a day.

This approach allows one to observe their thoughts and emotions from a place of neutrality. Objectively speaking, it’s a focal point where one lets whatever is happening on the inside to simply ‘be’ without judgement. An ‘observation deck’ so to speak, that gives a clear view of what is happening in your brain and nervous system that motivate your life.

With practice it becomes easier to attain this state of being in a way that when thoughts do appear they pass through the conscious mind they can be quickly dismissed without causing an emotional reaction in the nervous system resulting in an even more powerful state of serenity.

The main goal is to simply be mindful of your own experience & make desired changes

The advantage when being so fully mindful of the underlying self-talk that directs one’s actions in daily living you have the power to choose to let go and feel the way you want. To know what’s helpful or harmful, conditioned or of your own experiences, and whether it’s related to past or current circumstances gives you the advantage of control.

The real meaning of self-centered

This attention to mindful awareness is about centering focus on the inner self when one can facilitate the rewiring of the brain to allow positive and constructive thoughts in to direct one’s life. This helps to maintain a calm limbic system in which any negative situations that arise are more easily managed and decisions are made from free will rather than desperation.

The mechanical aspect of the process is the breaking of current pre-wired brain synapses and then creating new ones through new habits. After which, strengthening the new desired links that cause ones approach and demeanour to shift into healthier thinking. This way, when destructive thoughts provoke hurtful and harmful feelings they can be more readily ‘caught’.

By catching unwelcome thoughts and/or feelings in the act they can be consciously released and the energy neutralized. Thus ends the associated destructive habits and allows the authenticity of the person’s true character to emerge with less negative influence.

Just breathe

Focusing on the breath for a few minutes is another way to pay attention to your inner dialogue, and remember to breathe properly into your belly. Shallow breathing into the lungs only doesn’t allow for full oxygenation of the mind and body, and creates tension.

Progress depends on how many stressors affect one’s thinking and the factors of their living environment. With today’s embedded audio technology the shift in brainwaves can be accelerated. Assisted meditation through digital brainwave entrainment audios use elements such as embedded binaural beats or tones and soothing music.

These optimized tools facilitate the desired brainwave states and suit some people’s lifestyle nicely. This manner of utilizing multiple healing elements at once is okay, but it’s not necessary to have all the bells and whistles. The main component is finding that quiet time and place, such as the bath or a lone walk where you have no distractions whatsoever. Another place is sitting in nature and connecting to that energy and beauty.

Yep…hugging a tree for 10 minutes works, too.

Like learning to water ski

One of the best ways to learn a new activity is for someone to describe what you will feel when such-and-such happens and what to do next. For example, like learning to water ski. When the boat starts to pull you out of the water [*] start to straighten up. Sounds simple enough…until the moment you get into the water and go clueless. If someone added [*and when you feel like you’re wobbly and falling forward], it would help you learn easier.

Here I will describe what some of these shifts feel like for me and it may help you with your next move. Just like learning or mastering any new skill, it takes commitment and practice to integrate these new states of being in your own body, mind and energy field.

The point is to pay attention to the sensations that are happening, as they reveal your ‘being’ state. Then you can either do Ho’oponopono as soon as you become aware to neutralize any constriction or maintain the state for as long as you can to help strengthen the momentum.

Shift activityIf it feels like this,
lean into it
If it feels like this,
do Ho’oponopono
opening the heartthe heart is melting into pure goldthere’s a python wrapped around it
being in present momentI’m safe & all is wellyou’re expecting a bomb to drop
out of dormancysudden energy burstsimpatience around clarity
infusion of gratitudeluxuriate in itquestioning thankfulness
wondrous ideagotta act on ithesitation & judgement

Super-charge meditation with Ho’oponopono

I spent many years learning how to meditation naturally through a back injury where I could not take prescription painkillers. Through determination I figured out how to go into the pain itself and talk my body into releasing it for several months prior to surgery. Afterwards I started using it when I became upset or needed clarity on a life issue, and for panic attacks. What I didn’t realize was happening in my brain and nervous system was a rewiring towards much-needed peace.

The other surprising thing that happened is that my intuition got a lot stronger and my hunches always led me true. The more I meditated the closer my inner self aligned with the unconditional love energy of the Universe – got into my own Flow State. My growing connection to Source brought many wonderful surprises and synchronicity, but none compared to the divine inspiration that brought me the love of my life.

Then came the time my husband’s brain tumour regrew and meditation helped through much of that anguish. At some point later I felt I needed something stronger to support myself on an energy level and kept my heart and mind open for a sign, which brought me to taking the Ho’oponopono course.

Through this training I learned a better way to direct my focus to the divine in me that ‘made things right’ for both of us during this impossible time. After my sweetheart MAiD it to ‘heaven’, the Ho’oponopono helped me immensely return to some kind of normalcy following my grief. Not only that, but right away my family was going through major hardships and I’ve seen how it’s helped them in profound ways with just me ‘doing the Ho’oponopono’ without them even knowing♥

Practice, practice, practice

Beliefs and attitudes don’t just show up out of the blue in life, they are groomed into one’s character through repetition. However an instance is perceived by an individual is an entangled combination of culture, family and experiences formed in childhood that create judgments, and the perpetual nature of that learning carries forward throughout adult life – unless you change it.

Meditation is a powerful way to take control of life as it allows one to let go of judgments that hold the involved parties in a ‘spell’ of sorts. In a word, it’s brainwashing, but to be precise it’s the brain’s wiring of neurotransmitters – and those can be changed with practice.

A world beyond the calm

Further developing awareness can clear the ‘monkey mind’ chatter immensely and the body’s inner solace can be luxuriated in to your heart’s content. The feeling of being loved flows freely just because that’s one aspect of our inherent nature. Beyond that is where accelerated learning audios can be incorporated if that is a choice, too.

With practice in choosing happier thoughts that result from our awareness of what is going on behind our own mask. We can continuously allow for more fulfillment and enrichment in our life experiences because we can never stop growing in this manner. Thus, inner peace becomes our natural state of being that is resonated outwardly through our electromagnetic field and reflected back as joyful events.

You really are quite spectacular…truth!

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