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Practical Peace

Passive & Active techniques

No matter how or when you meditate…passively with prerecorded audio, or actively saying the words to yourself and becoming aware of your feelings …do it…take the time! Everyone has a few minutes in a day to stop and visit their sacred space, realign with their inner serenity and get to know themselves better.  Besides raising your vibration naturally, relaxation meditation is also the gateway to quickly learning new skills and accessing creativity.

Did you know? By visiting this website & reading self-help information you are raising your vibration passively…YES!

Relaxation VS Mindfulness goal

Meditating is really another word for the mindful focus of quieting the mind and redirecting thoughts. The thoughts you choose will determine whether you plan to relax or get close and personal with your sense of self to create real change.

Built-in meditation tools on demand

Once you get in the groove, meditation is an inherent tool that is at our disposal 24/7/365 that is connected to our human body which is mostly made of energy that is constantly in motion. Here is where the path from powerless to empowered is a shift in focus of where to direct that energy by knowing our state of  being at any given moment, be it love or fear-based. 

From states of resistance to flying and anguish to nirvana, there are a lot of sensations to manage in one little body. Look inside where you’ve got all the tools you need already built-in with common sense and an emotional guidance system…and choice.

Eventually, you will come to the grand inner knowings and be very familiar with the universal laws behind the Law of Attraction and receive sensations of overflowing gratitude, love and beauty, just by being open to them…they are so uplifting. You’ll find new ways to feel elated, fulfilled and wealthy when you start finding all those qualities of life inside of you as natural essences that are always there under the armour of compounded fears. 

Universal love is the only constant law of the universe and it is wholly independent of other people. It is always inside each of us to some degree to be the true definition of self love, and it always expanding…always! Focus on that gift of love that you already are and feel very powerfully connected at any time,,,just ‘be’ it!

Habit time frames

There are several myths around the time it takes to replace a bad habit with a new one, but it is wholly dependent on the habit and the character. To be fair give yourself 21 days to incorporate new habits and meditation can be a habit or part of your daily/mid-day/nightly routine. Quite logically, it also depends on several other factors:

  • the level of dedication & commitment to betterment
  • if it is breaking an old habit or incorporating a new one
  • how much of a support system one has in family & friends
  • if one has a habit-breaking buddy
  • how pleasurable the experience

Follow inner promptings

Whatever prompts your awakening for the need to change, when it comes to mediating for mindfulness it starts as a new habit of technique and becomes the most enjoyable lifestyle routine. Be it illness or parenthood, accident or windfall, loss of a loved one or a downpour of universal love, or just plain curiosity, you’ll know when it’s your time to make some inner adjustments.

The pleasure derived from getting to that inner plane of heart-centered alignment is one of wonder and no one outside of you can bring you to that state. This is the inner world of balance and contemplation where your heart’s true desires are revealed as happiness that shows up out of the blue.

Enhanced meditation

Listening to a pre-recorded audio to lull you into a relaxed state for the sake of relaxation alone is the most popular concept around the subject and where you can release all thoughts and feelings that would interfere with your serenity. 

An audio may contain one or more components depending on the desired result and preferred learning method or mix, such as visualizations, binaural beats, Solfeggio frequency tones, and scripts with or without background music.

Accelerated growth

Every technique for accelerated growth and learning begins with relaxation because of the receptivity factor it provides that is necessary to easier process learning by the brain and then requires you to focus your attention on specific imagery to invoke different feelings on purpose.

With hypnosis there is the added component of induction that takes you beyond relaxation to the Alpha brainwave state where desired learning can be directly interjected into the sub-conscious part of the brain without the limiting filters of the conscious mind.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a very important component of accelerated learning as it engages all five physical senses to replicate the desired state of being that rewires the nervous system to its new environment. This approach engages all five senses VAKOG (Visual, Auditory, Kinetic, Olfactory, Gustatory)  to simulate a new reality into the subconscious at opportune points as a way to reboot the system into a desired state of being so that the new way becomes the new habit and lifestyle.

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