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Where’s your head at?

Where’s your head at? Hidden in the SAND or floating in the CLOUDS? Get clarity!

  • Short periods of solitude are great for self-discovery, but hiding away behind games all day every day to avoid responsibility is not productive if that’s all you’re doing.
  • On the other hand filling your plate with things to do keeps you busy, but over-filling it with menial tasks means you’ll lose a lot of productive me-time & miss dessert.

If you want to see the path you’re on and find a new one you will need to be aware of what’s going on in your Here-and-Now. Clarity shows you where the balance is and opens your mind to better time management and opportunities within your authentic flow.

Through awareness you gain clarity to become grounded in your authentic self and avoid the obsessive and compulsive behaviours that hinder you from achieving your goals. And while Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto are heaps of fun and can help keep your brain active they are still other people’s stories and you need to make time to write your own. That way when someone asks you, “Where’s your head at?” you can tell them it’s creating the story of your life.

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