Diane Babcock

Signs for moving forward

Awareness starts early

There once was a little girl who got scolded at that time her mother was shocked when an instance of divine inspiration ‘led’ her to a lost Amethyst bracelet.

The little girl was so excited to show her Mom what she found in the wood shavings under the house. How could she know it was then discovered missing from her mother’s jewelry box.

So taken back by her mother’s angry response to her ‘sensing’ that she hid her ability away for decades, only to learn the truth later that it was the right way to live.

Now that little girl has grown up to understand what that ‘sensing’ was and is in fact, a natural ability that is meant to guide us in our own individual lives: awareness.

Today, I nurture that same quality in my grandchildren, because I know they bring it naturally and it will help guide their lives in self-sovereignty.

Community Values

With all of my life skills and training I know each of us must travel our own soul’s journey and it’s not my place to interfere if another has hard lessons to learn – if being the operative word. That doesn’t mean I can idly stand idly and watch people suffer, because it’s not in my nature. I’ve always been a helper, advocate and mediator in order to facilitate harmony, by keep the peace, the momentum or the production flowing.

From my experience as auxiliary police and activist I learned the inner workings of our institutions, as well as the flaws. I knew there must be a better way to help people before things get this bad for them, for my city and for my country.

I foresaw one of my roles as becoming one of an educator and not just by throwing information at people. Instead, by being an example of living from my authentic self once all of my own sticky dark matters had been cleansed by allowing more Light/Universal love into my energy field.

Reaching out to the outreach

At a pivotal point a couple of years ago, I was guided to find a way to somehow assist my city’s homeless folk. The first thing I noticed is that my sense of compassion expanded in their direction and I contacted one of the outreaches to learn what I could do to help. That’s when I met Tanya and Doug of the Wisteria Community Association who feed our homeless every single night through their Stone Soup kitchen outreach.

The first thing I did was provide some pro bono work in creating some flyers to promote the cause and then ideas kept popping into my head around mylar blankets, etc. As I observed the public de-humanizing of these citizens and the stigma around homelessness, I felt more sorry for those close-minded souls who criticize than those suffering with the elements.

With these type of scenarios, I am often reminded it is all about their own fears – fear does strange things to people. It’s okay to feel a little trepidation with this kind of a hard issue, but the real fear is that people don’t want to see it in themselves. That is the fear that gets triggered and can be shifted with Ho’oponopono so that an individual can detach from it. Then they will not only see homelessness as a symptom of society, they will see themselves as part of the problem and choose to be part of the solution. Works for me!

My research, as well as several conversation with Tanya showed there are real solutions for homelessness if only there was the right people act on them. I know that will happen now after this last election, but I’m not stopping there, because I know the solutions from the Universe are endless, if only we listen.

Yes, it is also personal

Not only all of that, but a few months I later learned a family member was living on the street and addicted the opiates, so I asked Tanya if they’ve seen her. And, yes, they feed her every night. The fact is I know this person’s story first hand, which really makes it harder to watch how they are treated. I hope you can see Divine Intelligence at work here – it’s clear to me.

My role as a lightworker in this case is to ‘clear the fear’, so to speak, and hold a space of light around a person or situation whenever I witness judgment as a way to neutralize that destructive energy. I can hold a space any time for anyone and they will receive healing as much or as little as their energy field will allow.

Walking the talk, leading by example

Background & Training

Life coach

As a Life Coach I help others develop the habit of meditation, be it for relaxation or mindfulness, so that they can live their lives more fully and freely from limiting thought patterns. In my role I actually fulfill a bunch of roles:

  • an instructor to explain the gameplay and train you in the game
  • a referee to provide accountability and keep you on task
  • a cheerleader to bring the ‘you can do it’ attitude

My role and goal is to teach you the same self-mastery skills that I have used and developed within myself to overcome tremendous heartbreak and unbelievable family challenges. These intensely emotional losses and extreme roadblocks and gauntlets showed me my own potential for phenomenal growth in my connection to Source energy.

It’s true that not everyone needs to face the same challenges as I do and not everyone needs to understand it enough to teach it, because just by you being the change for the better, the world is made better.

Career history

My varied list of jobs in the work force began in 1970 as a gas jockey, then delivery driver, barmaid, head waitress, bookkeeper, warranty administrator, office manager in several industries and instructional writer with extreme editing skills.

From there in 2007 I began my own successful business in the writing and graphic design industry that has been retired into self-publishing for my own works only.


As an empath by nature I once was strongly affected by other people’s negative energy and spent years learning to transmute it when I sensed it around me, thus becoming a lightworker. This ‘perk’ is made possible because of the energy cleansing I have done in my own field through meditation to allow a stronger connection to Universal Light Source energy and flow.

I can also use this skill to provide a safer haven for others experiencing disharmony in their energy field. I do this by holding a space of pure loving peace and high compassion around them through intention.

As an Expert Meditator + Ho’oponopono Master + Lightworker, I know how to maintain the higher frequencies of Pure Peace & High Compassion. These are the qualities of the highest love AKA Universal Love, and just by being in that state I help raise the frequency of the planet.

Teaching & certification

Developing the skills

Start with metaphysics

Stuart Wilde’s: The Force & The Quickening

From my first Stuart Wilde book ‘The Force’ in 1989 to self-awareness instructor in 1992 with the Inner Peace Movement through 2020 I have studiedalmost every self-help and healing modality available which includes NLP, Life Coach and Ho’oponopono certification along with Hypnosis and Music for Wellness training.

Along the way I came to realize they were my stepping stones to becoming a master at my ability to meditate and find my own answers through the expanded conscious awareness I simply call ‘guidance’.

The problem was, I thought everyone knew about this guidance, but not so. Now, here I am endeavouring to enlighten others of the power of their higher self to reveal the truths that can only be shown them personally. Hence the term Pure Coaching.

I know from my deep dive experience into my own childhood traumas that there is a way through these emotional challenges. To that end, I have found the simplest and most effective, powerful and lasting techniques for myself that I now share with others.

Hard lesson learned

As an aside, I actually did join a church and study the teachings back in ’82 for two years in my search for the truth about love. This query was initiated after I had a profound spiritual download of universal love that seem to come from nowhere while I was dressing my baby as a new single parent. But, no one could explain it.

It was later I came to realize that love I received from the Universe so much more aligned with the true message of higher love than any subjugating patriarchal religious sects could ever comprehend, let alone preach. It got the to point where I was locking horns with the minister because I would not become the sheeple he demanded, and worse that I was a woman questioning the system.

Ironically, it took a short-lived relationship with a certified psychotic that I met there for me to wake up and jettison out of that cult mindset experience that almost cost me my life. That action freed me to open my mind to lateral thinking and become the Seeker of the Truth I am today – my own truth of infinite Universal Love.

Avenues of energy healing

To avoid confusion, I will stick mainly to the topic of mindful awareness through meditation techniques, as these areas are all about how we use our energy anyway.

  • ancestral DNA
  • chakra alignment
  • electro-magnetics
  • empaths
  • energy healing
  • epigenetics
  • frequencies
  • lightworkers
  • metaphysics
  • morphic fields
  • quantum entanglement
  • resonance
  • starseeds

Understanding these areas of energy healing are a part of my journey and not necessarily everyone else’s. And besides, all that awareness started when I learned how to meditate and my own wisdom grew profoundly on the mechanics of being human!

Experiential & academic knowledge

My background speaks loudly on offering self help and personal development tools as a hobby beginning in 2004 at my Dedan site. Then in 2012 the name Life Might appeared as an idea I could not improve on when I started my Life Coach training. Thanks to technology I was able to create a lifemight sub-domain on my namesake site as a way of helping myself organize information and share what I’d discovered in the meantime.

In 2021 I bought the domain with a refined focus on meditation and Ho’oponopono as the tools I choose to teach others to use. Honestly, it took decades for me to get clarity around how my mind/body/soul connection created my energy field. And then understand how that energy field was reflected in my life experiences, many of which needed a major overhaul. I became my own guinea pig, trying this modality and that modality from various cultures and traditions, including my own Celtic heritage.

Talk about entanglement and strong cords of loss and disappointment that went way back to what I interpreted about myself with a narcissistic mother and neglectful father. I need not go into details, because those don’t matter; the only thing that does is how it feels and how to change it. To that end I learned it well and came to know the love that is the universe itself within me, and I know is within each of us.

Elementary Deductive Reasoning

The answers within

When it comes to Life, Relationship and Mindset Coaching around Personal Development and Transformation, call it whatever you want. Energy mastery is all the same to me – and emotions are energy. It’s the body’s way of carrying messages to the brain, and it’s that communication line we want to open and those messages we want to hear.

It’s our own personal feedback system that shows us our relationship to the world in any given circumstances so we can choose to allow the experience into our life or not. The major problem being is that we learned many negative responses at an early age mostly from our parents that became habitual thought patterns and they don’t work for us. Why? Because we are not our parents!

The common cultural thread

The bottom line for all of them was the same thing I learned from guidance all those years ago: all of our answers are within us and we are an extension of the universal life force. We can paint a Carl Jung archetype with an East Indian avatar and it will mean the same thing. How you perceive your character traits is really a matter of preference, which are not necessarily influenced by culture in the Western world. Therein lies some real freedom of expression to create our own representations of health, wealth, love and happiness values.