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What is personal freedom?

To answer the question in regards to precisely what is personal freedom in general there is clear way to describe the key elements of personal and freedom before combining them into a phrase.

Personal as in individual and Freedom as the authentic way of being in your heart, mind & body to experience life from present inspiration rather than past conditioning or external manipulation. Becoming your authentic self is the path to such personal freedom because the chains of familial, cultural and societal judgments with all its prejudices are broken. This allows you to approach life from a place of authenticity as in connected to the life force of the Universe, or Source.

Another word this power is known by is Light, which denotes our sense of higher love as a natural state of being rather than something to be sought from others. Self-love in this respect is about growing in the connection to higher love from within because that is where it grows from: within us.

The more love, the more authentic we become and subsequently the more freedom to live from the inspiration that shows up in our expanded consciousness. Personal freedom is clearly a goal worth pursuing because it allows for honesty in relationships, be they in the realms of romance, career, family or simply self-love.

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