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Life Might Life Coaching is a dynamic meditation hub born of a desire to help others overcome life’s challenges with effective coping and empowering skills for a more fulfilling life experience.

To that end we host this course and information site plus the Life Might VIP membership site where we expand on our approach through a closer client relationship with an interactive component to personally broach topics for discussion through regular participation.

How to empower your life

Life Might’s exclusive JEFTA Relationship Cycle shows at what precise point you can facilitate change for the better in your own life starting right now: the Present Feeling state. There is no need to dig down into yourself to find ‘what the root problem is’ simply because you won’t always know. Why? Because it happened in the past and often before your lifetime. Such is the nature of hard-wired conditioning and this is how you rewire your brain for a higher quality of life. That’s not to say ‘stuff’ won’t come up, but it will be released in a smart and healthy way when you are able to see it as just energy that you are ready to let go.

Simply put, your relationship with any person, thing, circumstance and version of you is based on one thing: judgment, be it good or bad.

Bias and prejudice are learned through limited childhood perspectives and conditioning along with familial, cultural and societal engineering.

Once a learned judgment is made and a corresponding situation arises it triggers an emotional response in the brain, which then releases hormones that create sensations in the body known as feelings.

Since judgment and emotion have already happened on an internal level we only become aware when the feeling is strong enough in the body to be noticed. Feelings are attached to an associated conscious or subconscious thought that prompts an outward or inward response action. This cycle forms the dynamic of any relationship.

What we help you do is catch the feelings by tuning to the present using meditation as a tool to become aware and then change the feeling into one of inner peace neutrality. From there you are guided to invoke empowering feelings using deliberate intent to regain control of both thoughts and actions – rather than letting them control you.

This is in fact how you rewire your brain synapses and retrain your nervous system to allow a peaceful harmony become the norm and start acting from deliberate intent rather than destructive conditioning.

Through practise you unlearn and relearn at the same time to make incremental and monumental shifts out of lower frequencies whenever a situation triggers an unwarranted fear-based judgment. Within the brain the old synapses dissolve away while the new ones become thicker and stronger, which is why practise is so very important – you’re changing your brain structure.

This is how you incorporate real and lasting change to take control of your life: through controlling your feelings. This is where the real power is and how you attract what you truly desire, because your feelings become aligned with what you like rather than what you don’t like.

Main pages overview

These main pages will give you a grand view of what meditation means that is so much more than sitting on a pillow lotus-style chanting ‘OHM’. Integrating the meditation techniques taught here into your daily routine will make you smarter and happier, emotionally and intellectually. They help you release old fears that prevent you from developing that glorious inner peace and wondrous expanded consciousness where real solutions to your problems are found.

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