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To your total well-being

Life Might Life Coaching is classed in the health and wellness industry and offers a dynamic hub of strategic straight forward activities designed to help people overcome life’s challenges with effective coping skills. These are basic self-empowering tools that any newcomer can use immediately to uplift the whole person at once for a more fulfilling life experience. It truly isn’t difficult.

YES! There is A LOT of information here that revolves around meditation as a lifestyle, so let me make it easy for you.

As a advocate for self-sovereignty, I am always inspired to share great ideas that I have stumbled across on my own path to personal freedom. The kind of freedom that comes from detachment in relying more than necessary on external factors and people that are not aligned with my own values. The kind of freedom that allows you to feel the boundless cosmic love all the way to the stars and beyond. By combining my desire to enlighten with my technical writing skills, I can communicate a myriad of spiritual AKA quantum concepts in a comprehensible way. And, it’s not spooky; it’s just our personal energy in motion.

Transformation is about allowing change rather than trying to change, and embodying our goals rater than chasing after them. It’s about denouncing all judgement about ourselves and making incremental shifts in opening our mind to more instinctual guidance of the inner/intuitive kind and opening our heart to more cosmic love of the universal/source kind. It’s about loving a desired life experience into existence using the love that just is, which is always inside of you.

The nutshell version of actualizing our goals is that our internal energy signature vibrates at some degree on the Hertz scale at every moment of the day. It’s this energy that is projected onto the limitless blank screen we can call the void of creation to be reflected back as experience.

Therein lies the control that is sought: the control of our own inner world, which is what I teach. Why I teach meditation through online training and coach through a membership site rather than provide a 1-on-1 service is to make it more affordable and more enjoyable for more self-reliant people.

The whole you list

These nine areas of life begin with meditation, which is your relationship with yourself to compile a snapshot of your overall health and approach to life. From there you can work and play in a balanced way to form the foundation in your relationships with others.

While meditation is #1 on the list of taking good care of one’s self on the inner level there are eight other essential aspects in caring for your own life force. Why meditation comes first is because it provides a strong foundation and healthy approach to life in general, plus it helps clarify individual wants and needs for all other areas.

  1. Meditation: relaxation, awareness, auric field health, mental/synaptic/nervous system health
  2. Employment: job, career, vocation, business, profession, occupation
  3. Family: parents, siblings, children, ancestors
  4. Relationships: friend, spouse, significant other, boss, co-worker, client
  5. Nutrition: cell rejuvenation, hydration, hormonal activity, circulation, elimination, energy
  6. Exercise: oxygenation, strength, stamina, muscle tone, sports
  7. Skin Care: cleanliness, oxygenation, moisturization, exfoliation, cosmetics, tonicity
  8. Recreation: spa, leisure, hobbies
  9. Consumerism: purchasing power, shopping, product quality

To expand on helping myself address ALL of these areas outside of meditation, I have developed partnerships with certain companies that are recognized as leaders of industry in high standing. As an independent representative of both Avon Canada and Juice Plus+ Nutrition, I can connect others with the same skin care and nutritional products that I use to maintain optimum health in today’s world.

Further, since my brain is expanding with so many new healthy synapses and I’m accessing so much information from the super-conscious I’ve started using soundwave technology to assist my body and mind with the higher frequency shifts. In that arena, since I don’t create soundwave audios myself or know how I’m relying on the expertise of my colleague, Kai Riverstone of AstralHQ who does a phenomenal job.

This is me doing my part to create a better world and caring for this beautiful planet by sharing innovative technology for self-sustainability in food, nutrition and lifestyle.

I just love it

Meditation has helped me immensely overcome my own challenges and get clear messages of inspired insight that I simply call guidance. I can talk about the new ideas I find that are in the wind so to speak all day, because that’s what awareness is: expanded conscious thought. I will also say that I have lived it seems like ten lifetimes in just this one and been through practically every hardship any person can face to some degree.

That being said, I’ve also experienced more miracles than most and received many more downloads of pure love energy in various forms on my journey to finding my own authentic self. I love that I have more insight into a situation than I used to when I was younger and often find smarter solutions for difficult problems much faster than my old worry wart self.

The whole of well-being

Good ways of taking care of the heart, mind, body and soul are also good ways to care for the planet in all its bounty and beauty, because you become more attuned to nature. There are so many wonderful surprises in awakening to the higher dimensions of being states that are available to us on Earth. Things that you would miss everyday in your busy-ness, such as the more your love yourself in the true sense of the word the more closely connected you feel to nature and the limitlessness of the universe.

The authentic opportunist

Real personal freedom is found in the expansive quality of being open to opportunities rather than forcing situations and/or others to create them or struggling to reach them. You feel drawn or pulled like a magnet to opportunities that are a good fit as opposed to feeling driven or pushed.

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