About Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian practice of ‘putting things right’ inside one’s self that brought into the public spotlight in a big way by a master, Dr Hew Len via Joe Vitali. Read more about its origins here: WIKI

Total Responsibility, according to Hew Len, advocates that everything exists as a projection from inside the human being♥

My lifesaver mantra

I call this the Lifesaver Mantra because ever since I took the certification course in 2020 as taught by Dr Hew Len and started defaulting to Ho’oponopono at the hint of anxiety I could quickly align with my centered state at the drop of a hat.

(Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len 1939-2022)

At that time we learned my husband’s brain tumour had regrown and there were no remedial options that wouldn’t adversely affect his health in a much worse way. So, we made a pact to enjoy what life we had left together; to live for the quality of life, quantity unknown, which ended up to be three months later when he MAiD it to heaven. Read that heartfelt story here: https://www.dyingwithdignity.ca/blog/a-timeless-bond-to-face-the-world-beyond/

For myself as a meditation expert who plays in the void, Ho’oponpono goes beyond simple relaxation and energy clearing to create phenomenal peace amidst several storms of chaos. Plus, the ripple effects of such serenity became very evident in those around me, as well…and still do.

I am eternally grateful to Dr Hew Len for sharing this ancient Hawaiian practice♥

Sometimes you find yourself frantically dog-paddling in the deep end of emotional turbulence or teetering on the edge of your limbic threshold. This mantra can help bring you and your emotional sea back into balance and calm. Where meditation is a tool for mindful awareness and allowing more light energy into your personal space, Ho’oponopono is a tool for that plus integrating the light into your life so you can experience those expanded states of consciousness as the norm.

It’s like meditation on steroids♥

The phrase & technique

Life Might’s 3-step Ho’oponopono technique is presented here for those brave doer types who are already familiar with meditation and super responsible for their feelings. It’s here for those who want to use the power of this practice to raise their own frequency state to one of Enlightenment. These people have experience with vibrational shifts and are aware of how energy clearing affects them.

NOTE: As with any cleansing regimen, stay hydrated! Drink lots of water to help flush the toxins that are released to reduce adverse side effects such as lethargy and headache if you’re prone to that.

For everyone else I teach this technique to those who are ready to become those super responsible doer types who want control of their own life through emotional mastery.

Stop, Drop & Ho’oponopono

  1. Stop what you are doing,
  2. Drop into your heart space, and
  3. Repeat the Ho’oponopono phrase until you shift into calm.

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

Guided video assistance

For convenience, you can use this short guided video with transcript included.

Beyond self-awareness

The words themselves are simple enough and you can say any one of the statements at any time to yourself or anyone else without a second thought. The difference and main aspect of the Ho’oponopono technique is the approach to these words: total responsibility. You recognize that every thing and every person you experience has a connection to your deeper self somewhere, be it the past or even ancestral.

The point is you take responsibility for it ALL, which is why the words are directed to the divine inside of you that is connected to Source. Only the divine can know and effect what changes need to happen for all involved. As long as you remember where to direct the mantra and why, you will create many surprising miracles if you simply just allow the divine to do its thing as you do yours♥

DON’T direct it at other people…DO direct it to the divine/higher self in you♥

Natural stress-reducer

You can imagine how much fortitude I needed to carry us through the extremely stressful time in Dec 2019 we were informed by the doctor that my husband’s brain tumour regrew two months before we married. During the six months that followed I needed to pull every bit of mental and emotional support from deep within myself that I could bring to prevail the bittersweet roller coaster of a ride that ensued. These days it works for me with other challenges like finding the best ways to support my son in his challenges and all from behind the scenes.

Also, it helps immensely as primary caregiver for my near centenarian aunt in assisted senior’s living that brings a whole new set of demands on my life. The Ho’oponopono has helped me to calm many tumultuous seas throughout the pandemic and in healing my grief. It also helps to remember that the best answers are the conscious decisions that come about from a state of inner peace. Having choice as opposed to reacting from irrational desperation and emotions fraught with fear.

And, I do it all behind the scenes without them even knowing♥

The nutshell explanation

The basic English translation for the ancient Hawaiian term Hoʻoponopono is ‘to put things right’ and is used in the areas of self healing, reconciliation and mental cleansing. It is a way of loving yourself by being responsible for your own life and healing your own hurts, which is very doable with this approach of evoking love from within. Simply put, if some thing, one or situation is upsetting you, it is up to you to speak to your inner self with one or all four of these powerful statements in any order as an immediate way to invoke the calmness and love to neutralize the negative energy. The appropriate words or course of action or even non-action will be made apparently clear to you at the right time.

I do Ho’oponopono every day all day long when my mind wanders♥

Simple, yet powerfully effective

To say this mantra is powerful is a understatement when you notice the positive results in your relationships with others just because you decided to not fruitlessly blame them, but to take charge of your own senses. The phrase “I’m sorry” is not about blaming yourself either; it is about acknowledging your innocence and that you were acting without enough awareness that created the hardship.

As with any mantra, repeat it often daily to maintain inner peace and when under duress it will help to calm the nervous system more quickly so you can get back to attracting the joys of living. You can say it in any order you prefer and when things are going really well you can reinforce that wellness by making the two lines I love you & Thank you the most prevalent thoughts in your head – and then observe the amazing ripple effects.

Sometimes I just Ho’oponopono the crap out of stuff♥

Right and wrong way

Believe it or not, there is a right way to do the Ho’oponopono that cannot be stressed enough. The words are directed quietly to the divine in yourself or your inner space; they are never used to try and change another person or projected onto anyone else. That is the nature of being totally responsible for your own state of being regardless of who you hang out with. Change happens within you first and then another only through a divine exchange and if they are ready according to their own soul’s journey.

Loving yourself is the greatest way to better yourself, and as you better yourself, you better the world♥

Get ready for some real change

With practice using Ho’oponopono comes noticeable and lasting change in such unimaginable ways that you will be glad you let the divine work out the details as you do your part with the mantra. Oftentimes it’s truly magical when suddenly a person you’ve had issues with begins to stay their outbursts in your presence; that’s powerful. Other times you’ll learn someone is truly not your energetic match at this point in your life and they will be distracted away. The trick to dealing with anxious moments as well as emotional upheaval is the same: do the Ho’oponopono.

LoA Tip: BE the change you want to see in your life & the world will respond in kind♥