The Magic & Miracles

A world of wonder, magic & miracles

When it comes to divine intelligence, the Universe is limitless in its capacity for phenomenal happenstance. It’s that other information highway where many miss the turn-off.

The Universe in its timeless quality presents opportunities in what we know as the Here-and-Now, which is why rehashing old thoughts from the past won’t work. Everything happens in the moment and even further, everything that could possibly happen in the moment is already happening.

Here I will share some of my own awe-inspiring experiences and some of the nuances of that are often subtle, but sometimes very loud downloads of energy and information. I will also share some amazement stories that will make you wonder just what your own connection to the realm of higher consciousness can do for you through the awareness techniques I use.

Timely beatitude

We are attuned to one timeline or another at any given moment, and simple shift of perspective can have you jumping those in no time. You just got to pay attention to the often subtle, but sometimes extremely loud promptings from within and learn to trust them, just like Tom Selleck in his Magnum TV series (1980-88).

One way to receive more and stronger hunches from the Universe is to act on the ones you do get and get faster results. That doesn’t mean jumping the gun; it just means don’t dismiss it and do spend more time on the idea to see where it leads. Sometimes they seem unrelated to anything going on in your life, but down the road you will see how it all comes together for everyone, including those you haven’t met yet. That’s part of developing the relationship between your character and your higher self.

Prompts & downloads

With expanded consciousness comes access to the unexpected and unforeseeable hidden paths that are only truly discovered in hindsight. That’s why when you let go your love frequency to the divine intelligence, the outcome will be like nothing you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. Here are ways that ethereal information is perceived and received by our human mind and energy field when we’re attuned to it.

  • Inspiration, epiphanies, revelations, ideas
  • Infusions of higher frequencies into our energy field
  • New or renewed connections to certain individuals

Learning to water ski

One of the best ways to learn a new activity is for someone to describe what you will feel when such-and-such happens and what to do next. For example, like learning to water ski. When the boat starts to pull you out of the water [*] start to straighten up. Sounds simple enough…until the moment you get into the water and go clueless. If someone added [*and when you feel like you’re wobbly and falling forward], it would help you learn easier.

Here I will describe what some of these shifts feel like for me and it may help you with your next move. Just like learning or mastering any new skill, it takes commitment and practice to integrate these new states of being in your own body, mind and energy field.

The point is to pay attention to the sensations that are happening, as they reveal your ‘being’ state. Then you can either do Ho’oponopono as soon as you become aware to neutralize any constriction or maintain the state for as long as you can to help strengthen the momentum.

Shift activityIf it feels like this,
lean into it
If it feels like this,
do Ho’oponopono
opening the heartthe heart is melting into pure goldthere’s a python wrapped around it
being in present momentI’m safe & all is wellyou’re expecting a bomb to drop
out of dormancysudden energy burstsimpatience around clarity
infusion of gratitudeluxuriate in itquestioning thankfulness
wondrous ideagotta act on ithesitation & judgement

Asked & answered

When you open the lines to communication with your higher self, what I call ‘guidance’, you will be able to ask specific questions and expect realistic answers in a period of time. You can ask all kinds of things of your higher self, because it knows you and is you.

For example, you want to say something important to a difficult person, but every time you think about it, you get upset or angry. In this instance, you need to clear the energy and be open to suggestion from guidance that might go like this.

  • you get a short matter-of-fact statement that summarizes your words & feelings
  • you then repeat it over to yourself until you are comfortable with it
  • with patience you will find the opportune time
  • you will speak it to that person as you rehearsed in your mind without confrontation
  • you will likely be surprised by the results

Make tough decisions easier

Another example is when you’re trying to decide on something, either to buy or do for yourself or another. You would ask guidance for the best option and open your field of awareness for the signs that show up as clues.

Signs represent meanings known only to you, so you can have fun with this. Lots of times it’s about finding things like a lost pendant or note card on your walk, or a certain bird or animal that holds some significance for you. The point is to pay attention and listen, because the signs are there.

For me one time is was a certain movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ where a song jumped out at me ‘Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon’ and I found the love of my life in my high school sweetheart.

My own magic & miracles

I know miracles happen daily even though they’re not always perceivable because some things are too far beyond my awareness, but I live in a state grace and gratitude as my norm. It’s when crises happen that I’m sometimes knocked off balance, but I also know how to recreate my own harmony.

My prominent states are ones in which I can luxuriate, such as gratitude, oneness with the Universe, and being ‘tapped in’ to Source energy that feel very freeing and high-spirited. This highness state can make the affect of other spirits, like wine and beer and distilled liquor to be like water. They are still enjoyable, but it’s a lower high than the Universal life force.

Energy infusions of quickening

Over the years I’ve had many downloads, or activations as some would call them, and Stuart Wilde calls it quickening. For me they were infusions of pure Source energy, pure Light. I did not know that when they first started happening, but they are profound sensations of reverence that stop you in your tracks to just BE in awe with it.

My first one was in 1981 when I was just a new singe parent mom dressing her new baby, I had a download of pure love that was different from motherly or any other love I’d experienced. It seemed to come from nowhere and wasn’t connected to any person or thing. Major awe!

I’ve had a lot of such metaphysical quickening since, but at first I was just in awe of it and no one I asked about it knew anything. It’s been happening mostly in the past few years since I’ve been committed to energy clearing for myself that they’ve become more frequent and intense. Gratitude was one of the big ones, because it felt like the Universe was thanking me for simply being here – real mind-blowers for sure. I even kept a ‘student’ journal of the training I received through my connection with guidance since 2014…and I really have come a long way.

These energy infusions in a word feel like ‘home’. Like it’s where I belong, so naturally there’s that sense of belonging that helps one overcome the loneliness we experience at times. It’s like ‘remembering’. Of course it helped to find a kindred spirit in my beloved to bring other honouring qualities of true love and now I can remember those, too.

Rediscovering my true authentic divine self as just one of over 9 billion people on the planet, and I often think on what a wonderful world it would be if we could all rediscover ourselves.

Finding true love & livelihood against the odds

Feb 23/20 Wedding photo & 9 Orbs of Love

The most life-changing instance of divine inspiration happened for me August 1st in 2017. To this day I am ever amazed at how I actually did it. In retrospect I knew that if I wanted to bring a man into my life, I would have to make sure I’d cleared all of my own baggage through meditation and trust my guidance from the Universe to help me out on that. For someone who has walked away from too many unhealthy relationships I felt I had enough of the endless baggage issues.

Since I’d gotten to the point where I was learning to love myself more, I was not ‘looking’ for a man. I didn’t even want to date one, even though a friend insisted she set me up in a group setting. In that instance I could readily see the incredibly reptilian attitude towards objectifying women and kindly asked her to never do that again.

My situation at that point was as a semi-retired home-based business owner, non-dating loner and video gamer. My beloved was himself a recluse and not connected to the WWW in any way, shape or form.

Needless to say, the Universe had its work cut out for it in my mind when it came to the two of us. Until…that night!

That night was one of divine inspiration where I received a very strong urging from guidance to call my high school sweetheart for no other reason than to ‘Make sure he was okay.’ What was so confusing for me is that he was 400 miles away and I hadn’t seen him in 43 years. I didn’t know if he was married or even alive, or how kooky this all sounded, but the message kept repeating loudly, so I followed through. I’ve learned it always works out for the best when I act on those kind of love-based inner promptings.

After I searched the White Pages for his number, I left a message on his machine saying, “Hi, Rocky. It’s Diane Babcock. And I don’t know if you remember me but I called to make sure you are okay. So, have a good life. Bye.”

Not two minutes later he called back because he just missed the phone and recognized my name. His situation at that exact moment was so unbelievably dire and he was so thankful that I called that he said I must have read his troubled thoughts. As it was, he had another bout with cancer where it had metastasized to his brain and for a week waiting at the hospital the forest fires kept him from flying to Vancouver for the necessary brain surgery, so he had gone home and totally given up on life.

What happened next was a miracle, because the very next morning the skies were cleared for flying and he was whisked off to the neurosurgeon where he awoke with a renewed appreciation for life and credited me for saving his life.

There’s more, but that’s how it all started. The whole story up until we are reunited in person 18 months later on Feb 23/19 is on my personal website here:

A new ride for my favourite guy

2017 Chevy Trax

Fast forward to Jan 2020 and now we are facing possible weekly trips to the cancer clinic in Victoria because the brain metastasis started growing again. For that we needed a very reliable vehicle and both my Chevy Sonoma and Rocky’s poor old Ford Tempo basically had the biscuit. So, off to a reputable car dealer we went with merely an expectation of finding something reliable that would serve our projected needs (that never happened).

In our minds we thought together we could afford something in the $8K range, but in the end we were surprised by the bank financing the vehicle I actually loved and was perfect for us at three times that amount in my name alone…and it had only 17,000km on it.

This car was bought out of love and driven with love♥

The Universe knew what we needed, and it has served us so well in Rocky and my travels and beyond. For the past two years it has served my son’s and grandkids’ needs, and especially mine as primary caregiver for my 98-year old aunt in the senior’s village.