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The information contained on this web site was compiled from decades of ardent and arduous exploration of the human spirit. That, along with purchases of the necessary stepping stones of training to make it to that next rung on the consciousness-raising ladder.

Expanding consciousness is an life-long skill, which means new ways of sharing are always popping into my awareness – kind of like a computer prompt onto my screen of my brain from the universe.

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Contribute to the cause of helping everyone in the world thrive with a bit of coin & kudos as a show of gratitude if I’ve been able to inspire & support you in any way.

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Purchase a Kindle copy of my published books for $2.99 each or free on Kindle Unlimited. And Pretty Please, I would love it if you left a Review♥

Birth, Death & Everything Between – Real Life Poetry

  • 1st edition
  • Available on Amazon
  • Published 2016 by Cool Tech Writing & Design (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)

Charges – Answers from the Universe

  • 2nd edition (all 54 pieces of channeled prose 1990-91)
  • Available on Amazon
  • Published 2012 by Fast Pencil (West Conshohocken, PA, USA)

Charges – Inspirational Poetry

  • 1st edition (first 23 of 54 pieces of channelled prose (1990-91))
  • Only available as a hard copy through the post
  • Published 1994 by Carlton Press (New York, NY, USA)

AVON Canada

For Canadians Only. Let your inner beauty shine through healthy skin. Share my love of Avon products & shop through my e-store for the affordable best in beauty, home & wellness and have it shipped directly to your door.

My representative status let’s me bring high-quality and luxurious self-care products to my life coach clients without the hassle of needing a distributor.

It’s a huge WIN-WIN for everyone and keeps us all in a healthy financial flow♥

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Red Bubble Merchandise

One of the hardest things for folks to do when incorporating a new habit is to PRACTICE. To make the meditation and/or Ho’oponopono habit easier to integrate into your lifestyle, shop my Life Might Motivational collection. I’ve made it extremely easy with 69 product types that include T-shires, mugs, caps, stickers, mouse pads, pillows, backpacks, notebooks and lots more.

Any of these uplifting reminders will make practicing much, much easier, especially when you have such a variety of coaxing tools right in your hand.

NEXART – Life Might Collection