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Learning is easier & more effective with a coach

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  • Legal name: Life Might Life Coaching
  • Owner/Coach: Diane Babcock
  • Registration year: 2022
  • NAICS industry: Personal Services
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Whatever your energy management goal or need, it all begins with relaxation as its base in order to create and anchor your own inner sanctum. From here your own unique path becomes clear once free from the interference of stressors.

My part is to provide the right tools, the right skills and the right energy to assist you in finding that state of inner peace from which your energy can flow.

  • simple relaxation
  • awareness mastery

Remember that you are the one doing your own healing & others are simply facilitators of the process

Magnetic Moxie Training Course

The Magnetic Moxie course is streamlined for the modern man and woman to provide a concise and effective method for teaching two very valuable life skills: relaxation & awareness meditation. These training lessons include short audios along with the written instructions, accompanying reference data, preparation and motivation guides, scheduling forms, gauging methods & congrats.

This is where I’m bringing it to the world on a global scale.

  • 30+ years of experiential/academic study in personal development
  • Certification/training in Life Coach, NLP, Ho’oponopono, Human Rights
  • Mom, grand-mom, writer, graphic artist, entrepreneur, active citizen, published author, video gamer, life adventurer

Additional interactive components to make you feel right at home in this e-learning environment are a Discussion area and a Notes element – and a little snow. 

Pure coaching for relaxation & flow

The pure type of coaching approaches individuals as ultimately having the answers to their own life’s questions are already knowable inside of them on a subconscious level. All they need to reveal those answers to themselves on a conscious level is the right kind of coaxing – or coaching as it were.

Having a life coach train you helps you achieve faster results, provides accountability and find your inner guidance, with whatever you want in clarity, achievement, growth, focus and improved performance beyond your current situation.

Note that it is not necessary to know the story behind the rifts in our life experience, as it is the energy body that is being shifted through relaxation, mental cleansing and energy clearing practices. My job is to teach you how to properly use and incorporate these two main life skills that I use to overcome my own challenges. I’ve excelled to hover at 600 on the Hawkins frequency scale no matter the story behind the stressors – it’s all my energy.

Hundred IAMs

It’s entirely likely that you will develop awareness naturally through relaxation mediation alone. The problem for most is that they start & stop before getting any of the health, love, joy or awareness benefits. That’s why an experienced guide is invaluable for helping you streamline the process and stay on task.

Spending time in the relaxation state allows your mind and body time to process and heal, as well as being the base for awareness and disease prevention. At some point after learning this leisure activity, you may start to notice stressors in your daily life that pull you off of that balance. We’ve got a tool for that kind of energy management called the Flow Master.

This relaxation meditation:

  • gets you used to the feeling of being relaxed
  • helps you develop the habit of relaxing on a regular basis & at bedtime
  • trains the mind to overcome occasional anxiety, nervousness, irritability, insomnia
  • aids the nervous system as it relieves stress
  • resets your vibration
  • aids in sleeplessness & allows the mind to produce better dream states
  • prevents stress build-up

Flow Master

Self mastery is about becoming aware as the observer from a relaxed state in order to orchestrate feelings to serve you, rather than them running slipshod all over your life.

When caught in a mine field of upsetting situations you will have the tools to disarm them before they explode to cause further complications.

  • suggested prerequisite is familiarity with relaxation
  • takes self-awareness to a whole new level
  • learn to take total responsibility for your feelings
  • facilitates deep emotional clearing
  • teaches mental cleansing to release negative thought patterns
  • with practice brings you to Zero Point in the here-and-now
  • helps you live from inspiration rather than the past
  • instills higher awareness & more expanded consciousness
  • establishes a solid connection to Source energy
  • allows you to live through your authentic self
  • supercharges your awareness meditation practices
  • provides as a takeaway lesson worksheet