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Quik Quiz for Relaxation

Meditation is a broad term that has been used for many things
Based on the meaning in Step 1
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1=Never tried & 10=Daily
Meditation can help you keep toxic situations and relationships out of your life. By practicing relaxation alone you will choose a more peaceful environment & experience many major wellness benefits.
This is a useful tip list to see how relaxed you are around email and online communication. The internet is a major part of many people’s lives and a necessity for most. The problem is some folks see too much negativity and are bombarded with ads they don’t want or like while searching for what they do like. This creates a subtle resistance energy that slowly sucks the life out of you and keeps you from enjoying the benefits.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! This quiz is also part of the Magnetic Moxie course material. All data is expertly compiled to assist you in opening your mind to what’s happening within you and guide you toward change.

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