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Meditation makes you smarter both emotionally and intellectually, so the more you meditate the smarter you become, which is something you need to create the life you really want.

It's a life skill that resets the nervous system and retrains the brain to align with our inner core of peace and truest desires. The journey begins at relaxation, winds through awareness toward self-mastery and deliberate creation.

The benefits are better physical health and cognitive function for an overall sense of well-being that opens the door to higher consciousness and quality of life.

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three levels of training in one course + incredible value added bonuses

  • Hundred IAMs Relaxation
  • Feelings Finder Chart
  • High Tower Observation
  • Horizontal Shift
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • Meditation Benefits
  • Motivational Boosters
  • Thymus Tap
  • Ho'oponopono Awareness
  • About Ho'oponopono
  • Consciousness Frequency Scale
  • JEFTA Relationship Cycle
  • Me First
  • VAKOG-NLP Chart
  • Word Therapy
  • Birth, Death and Everything Between - Real Life Poetry
  • Magnetic Creation
  • Art of Pareidolia
  • Freedom Flyer
  • Perfect Now
  • Power of YES
  • Reflective Writing
  • Charges - Answers from the Universe

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dispelling the myths around meditation


It's hard


it's easy to count down from 100; if you can do that you can meditate

It's only for relaxation

it also develops cognitive & self-awareness skills that are necessary for opening doors to more opportunity & higher frequency states

It takes a long time

five minutes a day is not a long time; the more you do it, develop a routine & enjoy the control the more you will want to do it as a lifestyle

It's about tuning out

it's about tuning in to yourself; it gives you a better perspective on the outer world & how you can bring your best

Results take years

results depend on practise & commitment, they can be subtle or profound, instantaneous or eventual, but they are transformative & long-lasting

It requires complete privacy

privacy is preferable because meditation is a personal thing, but once you are comfortable with a technique you can do it anywhere & around anyone

It's only for spiritual people

thoughts & feelings are spiritual things; it's for people who want to control those in themselves

It doesn't work

you get back what you put in to the process; if you want love plant love, but clear the soil of weeds & nurture its growth

It causes anxiety

if inner peace is not the norm then it will seem strange at first; it's also a sign anxiety is the norm that will slowly erode your health & relationships if left ignored

It will reveal things I don't like

to continue on the same path will do the same only when the situation is much worse & harder to manage; even at that point meditation can help with the healing

It's an escape from real life

it's a way to reset from daily stressors & realize your authentic life goals; it's healthier than self-medicating & can reduce addictive tendencies

It has nothing to do with Law of Attraction

it has very much to do with LoA; your relationship with yourself, as well as the people, things and situations are the magnetic qualities, as is weeding out what doesn't serve your highest good

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