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3 Threshold levels of stress

3 Thresholds of stress and how they show up in your nervous system are:

  1. Positive: Mild, Short-term, Worry
  2. Tolerable: Serious, Short-term, Anxiety
  3. Toxic: Serious, Long-term, Panic

It doesn’t matter how little or how much stress you live with, if left unresolved it becomes your new norm and grows bigger and badder by the day. By big it gets a stronger hold on your life through habitually dismissing the problem. By bad it develops from overlooking a troubling issue in hopes it will resolve itself to resentment for its capacity to interfere with your happiness.

The negative effects of Toxic Stress include a weakened immune system and mental health conditions in both children and adults. The symptoms of these imbalances show up as a wide range of illnesses on a list that would fill an entire medical encyclopedia.

Nip your stress level in the bud and give your nervous system a break, so you can break free of stress limitations. Listen to the messages your body is sending as well as the thoughts running through your brain. To do this you need only want to learn what you are telling yourself, which is mostly lies if something is terribly distressing for you. The one life especially is that there’s nothing you can do. You can do plenty by simply starting with relaxation to at least give your nervous system a break and relax your muscles.

By learn the simple meditation techniques taught here you can begin to change habitual reactions to external events that you have an unhealthy predisposition to known as triggers. You can always find that Two Minutes of Me-Time  at some point throughout your day and the more you seize those moments the faster you will heal from all levels of stress.

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