Freebies & Interactive

Self-evaluation forms & complimentary media

Interactive forms

The best way for you to get a feel for creating real change is to answer some of your own questions through multiple choice with reference scales. And the best way for me to offer that is by gifting the actual input forms that are provided for paid coaching services.

This allows you to do your part in your own time and me to stick with my area of expertise, which is supporting you through the integration process. My job is to teach you how to properly use and incorporate the two main life skills that I use to pull myself back up after a setback and hover at 600 on the Hawkins frequency scale. I help you develop the habits!

These powerful gifts also streamlines the learning process immensely and makes the coaching session much more productive and much less time-consuming to keep them at 30 minutes maximum. These informative data forms not only teach you how to know yourself better, but also allow you to choose whether you want a coach’s help or not – it’s all about what you need.

You can use these forms at any time you want over and again to gauge your own progress on the frequency scale and by hitting the SUBMIT button you can send it off to the Universe with a sigh of relief in letting it go. And sometimes that’s all we need!

Refer to Products & Services for pricing and details for these coaching services.

Audio, video & graphics

These streamlined tools are purposefully designed and created to help you shift out of doldrums and into vibrant living. It’s all about energy – specifically the energy swirling around inside your body and emanating out into the world. When you get a handle on that knowledge you don’t need to live through old stories of the past; you can see them as the challenges that helped you transform.

All you need is to find the tool that suits you best and if you want a little coaching, just ask.

Staircase Countdown

The transcript is included for those who are hard of hearing, especially when it comes to relaxation audios. Also, if you read the transcript allowed it will lull you into a relaxed state just by speaking it. I know because it happened to me while I was creating it.

  • introduction into relaxation
  • guided gentle descent down a grand white spiral staircase

Thymus Tap

Thymus Tap for instant calm & rejuvenation

Whether you are tapping negative energy out or positive energy in, this is the place on the body to do it. The Thymus gland AKA High Heart Chakra is an instantly accessible place of power on the body.

It is located between the clavicle and cleavage points on the chest…at the spot where a necklace pendant usually sits. You will know it when you start tapping.

Tap with the 3 middle fingers lightly at a rate of 2 taps/sec to help shift the nervous system into a state of calm. Perfect for anxiety, including those nasty panic attacks or helping a toddler shift out of a tantrum.