Flow Master Input Form

This form is more for you than it is me. It will help you narrow down the field of issues that are impacting your life. You will quickly be able to recognize where your energy is on the frequency scale by how you feel at any given moment. Remember: It's all about the energy...not the story around it. Make this choice purely based on your own feelings without including any other person.
Selected Value: 1
Rate your stress level from 1-10 with 1=Slightly Anxious & 10=Extremely Upset
Example scenario: You feel FEAR (100) because you want to pursue a new career as a business owner and it seems overwhelming. The aspect of bringing more of yourself into the public eye and interacting with new people is unsettling for you. In this case it shows up as anxiety, withdrawal & procrastination, which can make you feel stuck...until you clear it.
Example scenario: The time you felt JOY (540) because you won an award for being 1 of 4 best waiter/waitress in your city by way of secret customer judges. You received many accolades from your boss and customers including an awards dinner plus a $100 tip from the sponsor.
You will be contacted shortly to schedule a session Tue-Wed-Thu so consider what time is best for you from available time slots
Please be sure to read both of the short 1-page documents before your coaching session to be clear about these best business practices
This is more for you than it is for me. For example: you can do this yourself, don't want to spend the money, need to think about it. Either way, I hope you will continue to use this form as often as you like & check YES whenever you want coaching support.
This is a fun tip list to see how well you pay attention to your energy around email and online communication. The internet is a major part of many people's lives and a necessity for most. The problem is some folks resent having to use a computer at all. You can see what energy you're bringing to that part of your life that will give you a clue about you, too.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated! This form is the pre-app for coaching sessions as well a foundation for course material. It is expertly designed to assist you in opening your mind to what's happening within you and guide you toward change. The goal is to streamline the process for ease of comprehension and use with multiple choice question based on the relevant factors.
By pressing the SUBMIT button below you will be sending this to the Universe as a way of releasing it whether you want coaching or not. If you want coaching to help you further focus your energy you will be contacted by phone to set up a 30-minute Zoom meeting & submit payment.