What & why a meditation workout

If you think you’ve tried meditation and say either it doesn’t work or you can’t do it, then you need to open up to the possibility you had some resistance to it. No problem! You probably don’t realize that daydreaming is a kind of meditation, and if it helps then go for it – it’s all good.

On the other hand, there are times when you deliberately want to overcome some anxiety or shift out of some doldrums, or remove yourself from someone else’s drama. That’s when this kind of expertise can teach you the energy moves and you can actualize real dreams.

Statistics say that you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals with a coach

W5 on meditation & energy clearing

Who is it for?Any person seeking to know themselves through relaxation, emotional freedom, empowerment, connection to Source/higher self/expanded consciousness/divine intelligence/Universal love, to learn self-care/compassion/love/forgiveness
What is it for?To relax the mind and nervous system & allow the body to repair itself, dissolve fear-based emotions & bridge the gap between Suffering or Survival & Flow
When is it for?Any time one wants to relax, sleep more soundly, shift out of a fear-based emotion, remove themselves from a toxic relationship
Why do I need it?To attain & sustain the higher vibration of inner peace that resonates at the universal magnetic frequency of health, wealth & abundance
How do I do it?By practicing stress-reducing, nerve-calming, mind-cleansing & energy-clearing techniques like meditation & Ho’oponopono as a lifestyle

How a coach helps

  • Creates a safe, secure & serene environment for you to learn & practice meditation, where many most don’t take the time to find
  • Provides the expertise for personal training & practice until it becomes an integrated habit, where many don’t know how to meditate or what to expect
  • Maintains support & accountability in your commitment to learning the techniques, where many don’t follow through with practice to receive the full benefits of meditation
  • Makes it easier to release the old and incorporate new habits into your lifestyle, where many don’t know how or find it hard to release old patterns

Q&A on energy freedom practices

1. How does all of this energy clearing help with joyful living?Joy is an energy frequency of flow  that is needed to maintain a healthy mind & body, so any sadness, anger or fear will block that flow. Fear in the heart is a constricted or hardening sensation that stops energy flow; love in the heart is an opening or softening sensation that allows energy flow.
2. How does meditation & Ho’oponopono help with the Law of Attraction?Higher frequency states are needed to see positive results with the LoA, as opposed to trying to force manifestation from lower frequencies or losing momentum once the initial moment of inspiration has passed. For example, Fear-bases Anger resonates at 150mhz while Love-based Peace resonates at 600mhz where the flow state of abundance occurs naturally.
3. What are the health benefits?Lower blood pressure, reduce stress toxins, calm the limbic/nervous system, relieve depression, counter panic attacks, scale down medication needs (self & prescribed).
4. What the difference between meditation & Ho’oponopono?Meditation is a slower-paced modality that helps manage daily stressors, whereas Ho’oponopono is a total responsibility action plan to cleanse lower frequencies at the soul level & expand conscious awareness exponentially.
5. How would meditation & Ho’oponopono relate in the world of psychology?It’s being your own therapist and healing yourself through objectivity and self-analysis; patient and doctor in one. You will also be able to discern when and where you need professional help because you will be very clear on the symptoms, like the doctors need you to be.