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My Best Friend Forever is the Universe

Seeking the unknown friend & finding it

With friendship, be it short or long acquaintance, you will never have a better friend than the one built right in to you. Getting personal with the inherent universe flowing within and without is a lifestyle relationship you have with yourself. 

I didn’t set out to seek that result; I merely sought the truth about myself and how to best live my life chock full of challenges. Determined, I learned the hard way about the Universal energy that flows through us all and how to connect to it. By its nature it is in fact a part of me and all of the other ‘me’ people in the world. In this relationship I found an expansive loving nature beyond earthly sentiments, where the hard part for the lay mind is the integration of such a notion. The harder part was thinking I had to explain such secrets, but it’s not about explaining the Universe per se. That knowledge is beyond human brain capacity even though quantum physics is bringing us closer. It is our connection to that ever-expanding intelligence to the degree we choose to be there and I choose that intelligence. In my sharing, I’m not trying to ‘sell’ the Universe as a concept – you either know it or you don’t already. I am simply sharing the wonder of that truth as it pertains to our being human, so it becomes the norm if you consider higher intelligence as part of our evolutionary mandate. When it comes to the Universe in anyone’s life, it’s personal, so if you aren’t there yet you’re in the learning to trust stage. Divine intelligence is not a game; it’s a way of life. Emotionally speaking, it’s not to say when it comes to loving in relationships with others the potency is somehow made less significant. The fact is, authentic love greatly enhances a relationship and that makes life even more exhilarating in a blessed kind of manner.

Getting the best advice in times of need

When I ask questions of what I refer to as simply ‘guidance’ I receive answers in several observable ways. I often find little signs on my daily walk like this resin leaf-shape necklace or certain words leap out at me in movie titles like Serenity. And, even though these little signs are not the end goal they act as propellants to let me know I’m aligned and on the right track in my state of openness and inner peace. At other times, the message is more insightful when it comes to dealing with issues around my connection to others where I am in new territory and basically clueless as to what to do. In this instance I must be respectful of the other person’s mindset as well as find a solution. One such as example is when learning the ins and outs of assisted living in the retirement scenario. I must ask questions for my 97-year old aunt because I know how to find the answers she needs. It’s like mediating with guidance on another person’s behalf since they don’t have access to the insights that I do. I can glean just the facts for the best next step out of several points of opinionated specialists. The most difficult aspect of ‘helping’ others on this level is maintaining your own state of grace and well-being. Often the negative drama energy that surrounds another can be quite invasive when it comes to loves ones who don’t relate to your propensity for broad minded thinking. Even when you observe they are actively creating their own drama it is through their stubbornness mostly. This rigidity closes them off to awareness of new perspectives of which there are many and the most we can do is offer one of those up without begin emotional dragged into it. This is another area where guidance helps immensely with finding the right timing and circumstances. As well, you get the right words and temperament within you to direct the energy to a better result – seeing yourself live that stuff in real time is awesome.

Inspiration beyond guiding advice

Even more than signs and insights when seeking answers to a long time conundrum, advice can come in the form of a loud and clear message around someone else without any forewarning. Like the time in August 2017 when I felt compelled to call my high school sweetheart whom I hadn’t seen for over 40 years and lived 400 miles away. The message resounded in my brain along with an impression of concern that I needed to call him and ‘Make sure he was okay.’ That’s it! It didn’t matter what his life situation was, all I had to do was give him the message and we both could go back to our individual lives…and so I did. At first I ended up leaving it on his answering machine and when he called back right away and I basically repeated the message again. What happened next was really quite miraculous with a whole story to follow. I can’t even go to a place in my mind where I ask myself the question, “What if I hadn’t made that phone call?” There is no way I would have ignored guidance on that level of clarity. The incredible story that unfolded over the next 18 months was written as the first chapter in our Sweetheart Bond Story with the final chapter to be recorded at a later date. 

What’s the point?  

Why am I even sharing this wisdom? To relate to like-minded souls who co-exist and seek to on both the quantum and temporal level. Free-thinkers know there is another way that works on our very own 3D earth plane. They approach life from the authenticity of their true self, without the influence of others and the judgments. My relationship with the Universe is not something I can sell, but the means to get there is a different story. I could by all means sell you on a product or concept, but if you truly want to learn how to be connected to the higher powers of higher thought, the doors are wide open for everyone through simply becoming more aware. At some point or another you will either observe those who are connected the Universe’s life force or you will experience that liberty. The difference comes from such grander conscious awareness where your own self image is more akin to hero rather than victim and who doesn’t want to be the hero in their own life and writing their own story. Yep, it’s a rhetorical question.

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