Get used to the heroic truth

The enslaving sinner-gy lie VS The empowering heroic truth

Contrary to what religious engineering we have been conditioned to believe, the truth will always shine through. I don’t need to delve into the out-dated zeitgeist behind the governing bodies that exploited religious texts to manipulate the masses. And, I most definitely don’t need to remind anyone of the consequences of such de-humanizing subjugation.

The indoctrination of a lie that states ‘we are born sinners’ that is forced upon children in a ministerial atmosphere such as Sunday School creates a very deeply rooted self-destructive pattern in their character. In current day awareness and therapy circles this form of subtle programming is likened to hypnosis where the developing brain up to about age seven is in the learning state.

Further, this same shame-enslaving practice has been happening for several millennia to create a sinner synergy of undercurrent in a large segment of our population. One reason it still remains unchallenged is because it comes with a built-in fear factor referred to as hell.

There is no mention of Universal Love in these brainwashing institutions we call organized religion, with the most prevalent message being one of obedience to their interpretation of some ancient writings relating to some notable prophets of old.

The truth is we are born ‘divine in nature’ and whether we need to clear some antiquated ancestral or cultural beliefs, or have created emotional trauma from our own misinterpretations of events on our journey, the hero within is our best guide.

Even further, we are all seers, prophets and philosophers in our own right, as we are all connected to the same divine intelligence as anyone who lived in the past. And, just as they solved needs for their day and age, we can solve our issues for the present. Universal Intelligence did not start and end with any one person or group of people; it’s always been here for everyone – behind the lie.

  • As a seer we can see where our energy field is vibrating
  • As a prophet we can predict the potential outcome of the current situation
  • By choosing the best philosophy through expanding our awareness, we can change our vibration to create a better outcome – and yes, create our own miracles

You can find the truth of your hero self through your own awareness journey, but it’s not necessary unless you want to experience the realization first hand.

You can more easily learn to live as your inner hero by shifting the energy around the lie itself until that old idea dissolves into nothingness & universal love raises you up.

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