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Signs & Triggers

Signs & Triggers – you can’t always see them

To know about a person’s open wound on the outside is obvious.

  • To treat it we apply a bandage and some TLC

To know about a person’s open wound on the inside may come from observing a person’s demeanour which requires more study or by simply being told about it.

  • To treat it we need to apply compassion and insight along with natural supplements for mental calmness

The future of child abuse is that some people carry a subtle awareness that they are damaged property and will avoid committing to relationships and some will bury their abuse so deep that everyone is surprised when a loving relationship brings it to the surface. The degrees of intensity at which these sensations surface will vary greatly from one individual to another.

As well, certain prescription drugs, illness, alcohol and a bad hangover can intensify the panic experience because they weaken our defenses even more so than at other times.

What kind of trigger?

Be particularly warned about unknown ‘triggers’ when it comes to any form of sexual abuse. A trigger may be as subtle as directing rude comment at the cable guy who is glaring at your bosom while he’s explaining the programming. Yuckers! Or it may have compounded into a full-force panic or terror attack as if there are bombs going off around you.

For example

In the case of a creeping uncle from childhood, you may find some day that another creepy character will come along at a time when you thought you’d dealt with those feelings, because you had admitted it happened and can recall the memory. But, lo and behold, a part of you hadn’t. It could be a creepy neighbour or landlord that makes a lewd comment to you at a moment you were feeling low self-worth.

All of sudden something deep inside comes gushing up like an oil well of black darkness and your mind tries to escape the physical terror that had traumatized you so early on in life. You may find your physical body releasing the toxicity in such a way that your mind has a hard time controlling the sickening sensations on a logical level. It may feel like you are being attacked by a sexual predator and your only thought is to run into the street naked and screaming to escape, as your mind frantically searches for help and fights the strong physical urges.

What a truly terrifying experience…10 times worse than a panic attack, but if you’ve had this type of terror attack, you’ve experienced panic attacks, too.

Managing Panic & Terror Attacks

It’s important to know what to do when these kind of attacks occur and here are some things to prepare for.

  • Have someone you trust to talk to or call that can guide your focus to get yourself grounded.
  • Get active and/or busy: get dressed, stomp on the floor, go for a very long walk and think only of doing that – find that focal point of activity.
  • A doctor may prescribe medication that lowers high blood pressure, but there are much safer and more effective natural supplements to combat anxiety at your local health food store: 5-HTP; L-tryptophan; valerian root; passion flower; blended formula.
  • Estrogen or a menopausal supplement can also reduce frequency and severity.

Thankfully, there is a part of us that is stronger than all of that and we can regain control of our faculties if we have learned how to love ourselves.

Controlling a frenzied state

Panic and/or terror attacks are a reaction to an immediate situation that appears threatening or a fearful memory that’s crept into your awareness. First comes the fear, then your body starts over-producing adrenaline and the adrenaline feeds the fear and they build on each other to the point you feel you are being attacked by your own body.

It’s also important to know what to think about right away to offset this powerful hormonal outburst:

  1. Remind yourself that no one is hurting you.
  2. Recognize the occurrence as energy being released from your cells where it had been stored since the incident.
  3. Use the I-Peace mantra at the very start of a panic attack to retrain your body to neutralize the feeling rather than intensify it. Read more on the I-Peace mantra here.

Once you talk yourself through it and stop shaking, you will feel safer than you’ve ever felt before and even more in control of your life than ever before.

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