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Abuse – putting a stop to the insanity

There is no glory in suffering…only in overcoming.


  • Dictionary
    • Noun: wrong or improper use; misuse; harshly or coarsely insulting language; bad or improper treatment; maltreatment.
    • Verb: to use wrongly or improperly; misuse; to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way; to speak insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about; revile; malign.
  • Thesaurus
    • Noun: cruelty; exploitation; ill-treatment; insult; manipulation; mistreatment; misuse; neglect; violence.
    • Verb:batter; exploit; harm; hurt; ill-treat; injure; insult; mistreat; molest; swear.

Origins of abuse

Abuse comes from everywhere and can be as slight as a subtle sexual innuendo from a neighbour as an adult or as harsh as being punished by kneeling in a box of gravel for an hour as a child – it all factors in to the abuse of your personal power.

Overcoming abuse leads to peace

In order to allow peace in our hearts, families, societies and worlds, we need to face and regain our power from the pain caused by the lfe-threatening abuse that resides there now.

The thing is: all the while we let the abuse happen without standing up for ourselves, the stronger the repressed energy gets and the harder it is to release it safely.

Free advice versus Experiential advice

  • Free advice is readily available from well-intentioned folks everywhere – by sharing experiences or based on judgement from an observer’s point of view. And, although many people do overcome ‘very bad’ situations in these ways, they usually only end up in ‘slightly bad’ situations. They never truly find freedom or heal and resign themselves to accept that ‘slightly bad’ is the best they can do.
  • This is why experiential advice is hard to find: abuse is an elusive charge of energy that is difficult to grab hold of on an intellectual level. It takes a lot of study, practice, and skill to be able to ‘see’ the conflict within using a higher level of focus and sensing.

Plus, abuse is still largely considered taboo and best kept as society’s dirty little secret. Worse yet, victims of abuse are running and ruining our societies.

The need for custom advice

With proper guidance on a personal level we can allow ourselves to go beyond the fear and recognize our pain as a sign from within that we need to love ourselves more. We can then let loose that pain energy into the cosmos and the inherent love we were born with can begin the process of releasing restorative chemicals into our system to heal us.

A rewarding result

The result is pure joy. Indescribable to those who have never known it, but once you’ve found that sense of joy you’ll know that’s where you belong. It doesn’t come from anyone or anything outside of you – it comes from within. And, with practice you can call upon your joy at any time to help you with other things that come up throughout your life – it only grows stronger with use.

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