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I thank you for all the help you have given me personally and for all the help you have done for many other women. Our time has come…we must all be strong.

I have noticed a huge backlash against women in the past few years and it greatly disturbs me. I am in a current turmoil myself as I am leaving a marriage that started out with someone who seemed very nice and sweet who actually has an underlying hostility towards women that came at me in a very nasty way once I moved in.

I have relied on women like yourself to help me sort out what has been going on with the men of our country lately. It seems we have bred a passive aggressive male generation that says the right thing but sticks it to you in the back. I am trying not to become cynical, as I am raising 2 boys of my own, but it is hard when one after another times 50 are all the same ole same ole, disrespectful, arrogant, self-centered men who pretend to be nice just to start a relationship.

Enough whining, again I thank you for your support and words of wisdom and I will probably write every now and then just to have someone intelligent to talk to.

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