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Women – the heroines of humanity

I describe a real woman as a female warrior who wields the sword of well-balanced loves. As a young girl I read the same fairy tales as everyone else, but I saw the woman as the hero, too – or heroine.

Women have come a long way in a struggle towards equality with men by fighting for it, but it seems to me that goal should be revisited. The fact is women are already equal because they are made the same way, come from the same place and are born into this world as human beings with the same gray matter. That is a fact that everyone can accept intellectually.

A future with ‘the struggle’ for women begins when they are conditioned as children to only become a societal stereotype. When they are allowed to develop their own minds and interests naturally, they can draw on that experience to make better choices in the future and lighten their already full load. The misconception while in ‘the struggle’ is when we think we should try to be like men. We are led to believe that we only have two choices, to be a house-woman or to be a pseudo-man. The fact is that we cannot be any type of man at all, we can only really be women and that’s what we really are doing.

Error in masculine/feminine distinctiveness

The fact that women can do many of the things that men can doesn’t make us more man-like, it makes us more woman-like. We could already do what men do, but some man put a label on it and restricted us from doing it. On the other hand, men can already do a lot of what women do, but they too have read the label, and often restrict themselves from doing it. For me, the only difference between men and women is in our hormones and the only separation is how we use the ego. We’ve all seen how delusional and destructive the male egoism can be and the world is still suffering many consequences.

How do you think men would react to being degraded, belittled, and tormented by women? They would cry and start a testosterone campaign. Not a realistic picture when you think about it, since women are not inclined to act out of ego in that type of manner. So why would anyone think that women should submit to a brow or muscle beating? We have better muscles we can use, our brains and our spirituality. We don’t need to fight against men in general, we need to strengthen our resolve to bringing back the woman we truly are.

Dealing with men’s fears

  1. One thing men fear from a women’s independence is that their own lack of it will be known and in ironic action they try to control them, with force if necessary.
    1. All they have to do is learn to be a real man which is the same as a real woman only with different style of jeans…rather, genes.
  2. Another thing men fear is that women will try to take over the world…or something.
    1. A woman has a more intelligent and realistic agenda includes less of that ego trip.
    2. A woman’s basic instinct is to create the best world possible while encompassing everyone in it, without gender discrimination on either side.
  3. The other thing men fear is that the women will not want to have children when they become independent. They wonder who then will support them when they get old.
    1. What woman in her right mind would bring a child into this world to be at the mercy of a dysfunctional and self-destructive family. That’s prime breeding ground for criminals!
    2. It’s better to bring one child into a healthy home environment than rabbit a dozen into an unhealthy one and take the chance that one will turn out good.

Egotism most certainly has created a needy, whiny, crippling society if we have to live like that!

Women are meant to be, just that, women…not possessions or servants, or machines for making babies. For those who have forgotten or never knew how, most of it is unlearning to be an ego-fashioned slave. Bringing back your womanhood is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your children, your mate, and the rest of the world. In case there are any questions about the superior intelligence of men, remember that many ideas and inventions were made by women and credit taken away to be put in a man’s name.

Also, many companies are merely in a man’s name and will cease to exist if the women who work there leave. Have you ever seen the harem mentality up close? It’s creepy! I will not be a part of any man’s harem, in a company or relationship.

I get myself all in a tizzy when I think of all of the knowledge that is right now being stifled in most every woman in this world. What if all of that was to be released? We would see how brightly lit our future could be then! The expanse of the untapped source of knowledge and intelligence in women is unfathomable. Humanity is starving for the food of knowledge that women bring to the table and it can no longer be quashed or kept hidden in the shadow of the ego.

I am glad that I have learned to release my own voice, as the facts of these things are easy to say when they resonate within as truths.

Some men will still judge

Even if they want, there is no way to judge me as a “man-hater” in any sense of the word, as I have written fervent love poems for them and about them. I also know what a fine relationship looks and feels like for me. In daily life though, with chauvinistic men I have had to build a strong resistance to thump them at times because of their condescending attitude towards me as they arrogantly strut about in a manner that says, “I am above you, because I am a man” and my attitude says right back to them, “Pretty weak thinking if you ask me.”

In dating I find that men can be great buddies and conversationalists at times, but they tend to find sex in any topic which then causes them to squirrel out and the conversation gets lost somewhere in la-la land. To develop a partnership in business or pleasure, they want to puff themselves up through others and play head honcho to everyone around them. Since I do not want to have a sugar daddy and do not want to be some guy’s arm candy, I can see the signs and that’s when it ends.

It’s a sad situation for both and it’s that conditioned male attitude that I avoid so I could know myself as a person and not a thing. I see it as a stagnant mind pool that must receive the fresh water of a higher intelligence so we don’t get stuck in a thick mind mud of ego-hell.

And besides, there is no way on earth that I’ll let my son learn to be a man from one of those kind of men. In spite of being around them in society, he is learning to be a strong and independent man with an appreciation for both genders. He is tempering his ego and controlling his hormones so he can use his own intelligent mind without hindrance to create a great life for himself – I can only be proud of him.

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