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Identity – owning your own

State your name…that is your purpose.1

Once you have studied the origins of your thought(s) and sorted out the emotional entanglement with others, you are left standing alone in a state of being…that is you in the ‘here and now’…you were there all along. The point of zero inner conflict becomes your new lease on a life that you can be in love with.

Over the course of your self-study, you likely:

  • Estranged yourself from certain friends, family, and/or occupation that drained/suffocated you
  • Experienced some emotions that you never heard of before
  • Felt extreme awkwardness and uneasiness at letting go of old habits and thought patterns
  • Found part of your identity wrongly being used by another
  • Had a sense that you were always searching for something unknown, with a vague hunger
  • Identified which thoughts were causing which body aches and pains, especially back aches
  • Learned which parts of your life were your own choices and which parts you let others control
  • Noticed body aches and pains that you had previously ignored and can now remedy
  • Raised your self-esteem level noticeably
  • Recognized many debilitating distractions in your life
  • Saw how many sucker-like traits/people break away when an issue is taken care of for good
  • Thought that you might be abnormal at times in your way of thinking, but the fact that it was healthier for you and your commitment to your self kept you seeking more resolution
  • Unearthed a few lies and embraced a few truths
  • Wondered how the problem got to be so much easier to face than the fear that kept you from facing it, until you realized that a part of you was taking care of it even through your fears

You can tell that you are free from a stifling past because there is no agonizing emotion attached to a particular thought anymore and your mind is cleared of nagging thought clutter. You notice, too that by taking care of past issues, any fear of future ones automatically disappear at the same time, because they too were attached to your skewed view state.

You may find out what ailments or residues of illness have made themselves at home in your body during the course of your angers and frustrations. Diseases or cancers may have also been started and now those too can be healed by your newly created healthy cells. You may also find that in the healing of your own wounds, you have the natural flowing ability to heal others without deliberate thought or interference.

It’s you again!

Once you get your self away from all the confusing details of your past, your new outlook on the world will allow you to feel:

  • Capable of discerning what love really is when it appears to be coming towards you
  • Cleansed and refreshed, as if you had just walked through a magnetic cloud that pulled all the residue of worry from you and then evaporated
  • Closer to your own creativity
  • Compassion for others still searching, especially those looking in the wrong place
  • Good about what you learned and why loving your self first is the most important and unselfish thing you can do
  • Grateful for every modicum of guidance that you found to help you figure it out
  • Intelligent and knowledgeable about life in general, as if you now have the ‘inside scoop’
  • You can say “Hi Great Person” to yourself when you look in the mirror rather than “Who Am I?”
  • Like a new breed of warrior
  • Life’s experiences are endless
  • Lucky to be alive, depending on the depth of your trauma
  • Now you have a well-defined shadow of your own, and no one is in front of you
  • Patience towards your self and others, because you understand directed energy
  • Protective towards your life as opposed to defensive when dealing with known person who harm
  • Relieved and thankful that you had the survivor skills to get yourself through the experience(s)
  • Satisfied and filled with a purified energy as your driving force
  • Strong, independent, and trusting in your own decisions
  • Strength and insight in the unseen world, with no desire to abuse it, but aware of how you have been manipulated, and how people still are manipulating others in it
  • The journey inside to self-discovery is the most fantastic adventure you will ever go on
  • There are no excuses and no blame, only personal responsibility
  • You are in control of your life, not the demands of life controlling you
  • Your energy is focused on the present where your thoughts have more impact for achieving goals
  • Your life events are natural and deliberate rather than forced and random
  • You want to be surrounded by more people like this

Most importantly, you love your self first and know it will sustain you in every aspect of your life as you regard it as the greatest gift that anyone could ever have and share.

What you will do in this place, the ‘here and now’, is entirely up to you.2

1.        Charges #10 – Purpose
2.        Charges #26 – Here and now

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