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Lifeology – the perception

Lifeology – working together as individuals

Lifeology is the study about the cause of core beliefs and values, whereas lifestyle is about the effect of that cause in managing the different components of life.

Personal Perception Response (PPR)

The beauty thing about life is that it is ours and we get to make all of the choices for it. Every day many options are available and opportunities are presented to us. What we choose depends on our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. How we choose is our personal responsibility.

The truth

We are all born into this world alone, but with the same life force guiding each of us that there is still no single common word for. We can only know it individually and often describe it with our senses as an intelligent all-encompassing love that creates in us a euphoria. In some places we are allowed to live in that love, in others we are not. The more we live in it, the stronger it gets and a better world is being created. If for some reason we are restricted from living there, we bury it within ourselves and keep it masked or an ego is produced, and we build with that. Either way we ignore it and suffering starts.

What happened?

Sadly, for eons, self-serving egotists have created cultures and societies that suffocate that quality that works for the highest good. They have chosen to seek satisfaction for their own insatiable appetites by force, intimidation, and manipulation to condition others to follow. They then have ideas and make ‘laws’ as another type of suffocation, only allowing their so-called ‘love’ to happen within the confines of those ‘laws’. Since living in an ego state deviates from our true nature, it brings its own diseases as an unnatural way for anyone to live.

What now?

We can and are doing something. We are getting back in touch with our inherent love and building on that strength to make better choices for our selves, our family, and the world around us. You can, too…it’s your choice. The kind of love that we are born with never leaves us or changes…we do. It also never hurts…you, or any one, or any thing…it is purely too high.

There’s no need to panic in a hair-raising situation…we can smile knowing that we have it inside to take care of our own life and sense of being. To know it…to cherish it…and to grow in it…without allowing the life to be sucked out of us…or sucking the life out from those around us. It is in that stabilizing force that we should always be grounded.

It is for each of us to honour and respect the life that we were born with. Only when we respect it in ourselves can we recognize and respect it in each other. Up to and until then, we are just a toy in someone else’s game…we give our selves away. Or, we use other people like toys…we give nothing away. Both are degrading…both are living lies.

Not just for kids

For a child every day is a new learning experience. The truth is, learning is a lifelong experience and doesn’t end. What would make anyone think that something so important as learning would stop at any time in life? The fact is that children are much closer to the nature that they were born with. Our job as parents is to provide protection and direction while respecting that part of them and we can only do that if we know it in ourselves.

Working together individually

Since everyone is always in one stage or another of growth and acceptance, in and throughout different areas of life, we never have to feel inferior or left behind. We will see that not everyone is ready to take on certain challenges…until they see their own need. We only know when we alone are ready…to recover that which we buried under the hard-ache inside.

A work in progress

Here we will build a database of information on everyday issues that we all face in life. Since everyone has their own PPR, the scope will be wide, so you may want to start with some tools. Excerpts from the book, ‘Charges’ that are tightly profound are rewritten here and you might relate to them directly or indirectly. Either way, you will form your own words in relating to the simple and complex existence that is life.


One of the greatest things you receive when you have healed your own hurts is a natural flow of energy that is compassion.

  • Compassion IS a very powerful state of being that can bring healing to people regardless of whether or not you know them or are near them. It is the strength that results from healing your own great personal tragedy that is passed along often unnoticed to others.
  • Compassion IS NOT the bleeding heart or heart-on-the-sleeve mentality that sorrowful sympathy-mongers offer up, as sadness has no healing power. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them fuss and bring you tea; it just means that’s about all they can do for you.

When you are truly healed, you can send someone in need a grand helping of compassion by having a particular way of feeling good as you think about them. See how quickly they call you with good news or you see them victorious over adversity on TV.

Something you may have to discern if no good news is forthcoming is whether a person is too closed at this time or if you have mixed emotions about them. Regard this as you needing more work in letting go of bad feelings you may still hold towards them or the residue of bad feelings you had sent prior…then leave them be for a while…compassion cannot be forced out of you.

Remember to never have worrisome or sad or bad feelings when you think of someone as you will send them negative energy and depending how much passion you have, you could hurt them, and yourself.

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