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Emotion Power

Emotions Create the Energy behind Motion

Some people are averse to relating to the unseen world of emotions, feelings and are unaware of the associated conscious or subconscious thoughts. They view it as unnecessary to understand the mechanics of the human machine – hence, they react to everything purely through their original conditioning. Although their upbringing may benefit their lifestyle, they still are living through a vision that was created for them and not by them from their own truth.

Life Might’s Viewpoint: Emotions as cause; feelings as effect; thoughts as interpretation.

This is where self-awareness comes in: you are not your parents and neither are you a child; you are a unique manifestation of universal love in your own right – getting to know that person is the trick. Sometimes it seems complicated, but when you deliberately stop to decode your own programming, you will see where some of the input was corrupted. Sometimes there is pain involved and sometimes there are fears to get past, but the real you is still in there –and you’re more wonderful than you realize.

A good place to start is being aware of the Emotion/Feeling/Thought connection. The three main areas of our unseen motivators can be broken down into these discoverable components.

  1. Emotion

    • Degrees of love, hate, fear, joy, sorrow
    • Triggered by a thought, memory, or external motivator
  2. Feeling

    • Physical sensation triggered by emotion
    • The experience of emotion
  3. Thought

    • Conscious idea or notion
    • Interpretation of emotional sensation

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