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The Legal Ease




Except for the modified self discovery exercises and occasional clipart:

  • All logos, photographs, artwork, text, programs, and other material posted on this website are subject to copyrights owned by myself, Diane Babcock, and are protected by copyright laws.
  • Any reproduction, distribution, or republication of all or part of any photographs, artwork, text, and other materials found on this site are prohibited unless I have granted prior written consent.


Life Might shares information based on the personal experience of a Seeker of the Truth and is a convenient database of knowledge to be used at your discretion. The information contained here is merely following the trail one seeker’s breadcrumbs on the path to ultimate self-awareness and how you interpret what is written here is entirely based and your personal perceptions and open-mindedness or lack thereof. Consider it a field guide of the pioneering spirit into the depths of human nature and know that this journey is not for everyone and is not for some to do alone.

Thank-you for respecting these legalities.

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