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We All Learn Somehow

As a young girl, I read the same fairy tales as everyone else, but contrary to most I saw the woman as a hero, too. Once out on my own in the world I was flabbergasted to find that society pushed a very different version of my fairy tales and the struggle to find like-mindedness for me was on. Unwilling to conform to society or religion’s understanding of the mysteries of the soul I dug ever deeper into the abyss of my own for answers.

Time to be Better Attuned

I started to get serious about my health in 1978 and took to studying diet and nutrition for many years until later on I found there was even more to discover in the realm of self and spiritual awareness. Subsequently, my experiential knowledge has a wide archetypal range, as I had to scrape my way to the surface of the mountain that lay on top of me before I could even start to climb it.

I gathered intel from many books on personal development over the years starting with Smart Women – Foolish Choices, The Power of the Subconscious and many Stuart Wilde books. I experimented with the many different tools they offered along with my own inner guidance resulted in the hybrid teachings that go into my voice.

Beyond the Classroom Into the Field

My studies are beyond theoretical psychological teachings; they are in-depth and accurate field work on the mechanics of how we are conditioned from childhood by emotionally-charged thoughts to create beliefs. They reveal that we all have subtle triggers within us that cause us to act/react to certain states of being and how deliberately or accidentally changing the emotion/thought connection behind these triggers can change our state of being for better or for worse.

One of my writing talents is being able to explain complex concepts in lay terms, as in reference guides but, I am also able to write from the realm of complex emotions on behalf of others to help them express those freely. In the life coaching arena I can sense emotional triggers in others that they are not aware of simply by noticing the inflections in their voice or mannerisms.

Learning All the Way

My studies in self-awareness go beyond the thought-emotion-physical connection: I found the farther I was willing to venture beyond the pain, resistance and misguided ego the more grounded I became in a serene oneness – and the more I maintained that state of being the more real power I had in the outer world.

The method I developed for myself in a nutshell goes something like this:

I learned how to consciously face my own pain, observe it as misdirected energy from physical/emotional trauma and practice releasing it by relaxing the area of my body where it was being stored. I became so ultimately aware of my thoughts that I can immediately tell what affect each has on me and if it prompts a negative feeling, I can deal with it or dismiss it and get back to being grounded in my inner serenity.

What many may find hard to believe is: when you are in that state of serene oneness, other people’s fears and negativity can’t connect with you, so they become more peaceful, too. That’s a unique kind of power in such a ego-driven and materialistic world as this, and while attaining this state can take a lot of practice, it is a very rewarding process.


When it comes time to ramp up the learning I find those that best suit my personality as well as my need to understand human consciousness on both the individual and collective levels.

 2013 – Certified Life Coach – American University of  NLPlifecoachcertificate


2013 – Certified Master NLP Practitioner – American University of  NLP
2012 – Certified NLP Practitioner – American University of NLP
1992 – Self/Spiritual Awareness Instructor

– Americana Leadership College, Inner Peace Movement


 Course Training

Int’l Human Rights Law: Prospects & Challenges (Duke University 2014)
Democratic Development (Stanford University 2014)


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