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Life Might is presented by Diane Babcock,

Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner,

Intuitive & Energy/Light Worker


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Self-help is self empowerment through potent personal development tools and the order of the day in this age of enlightenment. And, as lifeology has taught us, the more potent the tools the faster one grows in emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual freedom.

As any self-help guru will say, your subconscious belief in yourself is what you bring to the world. This is your self image and is subsequently reflected back to you in your environment. So, when you believe you are born only to serve others you will forever be a doormat and miss out on your own true life path. Alternatively, when you are balanced in giving and receiving there is fulfillment in your life.

If you like your reflection then embrace and enjoy it, but as you know there always comes a time to grow. And, you can change your self-image if you don’t like what is reflected back to you with the flip of an internal switch. Happily, you only need to change that subconscious inner belief about only one person: you.

To make that change to your inner-verse, you need the proper tools, which is sometimes the most difficult part of the journey. Not to fear, many a truth-seeker have done the experiential research over many decades, including myself and I am sharing my actualities as both mentor and student here.

Did You Know That You?

  • Carry karmic patterning from your ancestors, as well as past life experiences?
  • Start to unconsciously learn fears in your first seven years of life?
  • Have your own answers to your life’s situations and challenges right inside of you?
  • Are filled with your own life force that guides you on your own unique path?

These facts are consistently showing up throughout every healing modality and resound on the lips of every intuitive healer and light worker around the world. The universal problem is that we were all raised with limited personal growth in one way or another. Plus, the expectations of society can make any forward-thinker feel like an outcast in their workplace or family.

Travelling the Self-Help Path

The internet has more than enough self-help and improvement knowledge if one so chooses to look. The downside is that too much information overload makes for a daunting soul search if you don’t know where to begin.

Ideally, the best starting place is your own sense of guidance that will lead you to your own right answers and clearly it brought you to Life Might, so you are listening – good for you! It is your higher self showing up as your best friend when searching for your own truths and perhaps you are already aware of it. Internal guidance will also develop over time, so clearing old negative energy is a priority. The challenge is learning to trust those gut instincts and epiphanies, because they are messages for you alone.

Rule #1: Always keep an open mind, lest you miss an important sign.

It is important to keep a very open mind to your own sense of guidance, because you are learning its language of straight-forward simplicity to lead you on the most direct path, as it has no judgments or prejudices to fuss about that your ego might.

One recommendation before you start any transformation program is to find a relaxation method because sometimes that’s all you need, and inner guidance only comes through a peaceful mind. Use guided meditations and/or hypnotherapy until you learn to meditate at will, and meditation is really only creating that peaceful state of connection to Source/Universe.

Another suggestion is to ensure you have no fear around success because that fear alone can sabotage your desired result. You may be a total money magnet or love bug, but a vise-gripping fear of success in those areas will block that ultimate realization.

My Unconventional Path

I believe it’s best to learn from another’s mistakes and successes as much as possible to speed up the personal evolution process, except for those of us who are guided to teach and must learn the intricacies enough to share the knowledge.

I first stepped onto the new-age path of metaphysics in 1989 with Stuart Wilde’s book ‘The Force’ and my spiritual awakening snowballed from there. With mind wide-open my path next allowed me to find the Reflective Writing Technique in 1990 that expanded my conscious awareness enough to receive inspirational messages from that higher intelligence of the Universe. I came to call those thought messages and impressions of knowing as simply ‘guidance’ that I eventually learned to sense more strongly and trust. That experience confirmed my hunch that there was a lot more to this world than I had been told and it spurned me to learn as much as I could to best live in it.

I set about the next decades studying how everything works from;

  • archetypes to avatars
  • being in the now moment to jumping parallel dimensions
  • brainwave entrainment to energy healing
  • cultural conditioning to universal laws
  • magick to mantras
  • energy healing to hypnotherapy
  • religious indoctrination to metaphyiscs
  • thought waves to emotional vibrations
  • twin flame relationships to fifth dimensional beings

Little did I know I was studying the quantum laws of the universe until I learned the terminology, but I was proving and disproving them to myself over and again. My world became a spiritual laboratory where I found which formulas worked for me at certain times in my life and when it came time to grow I merely added more of this and less of that. Over the years I developed a most profound experiential understanding in the universal laws of quantum physics that I eventually learned to regard as the foundation of all healing modalities and belief systems.

Looking back in my early days it was very hard for me to maintain any heightened spiritual level of this kind for long because I was alone on my path and surrounded by skeptics in a web-less world. Plus, I had not yet understood the need to actively clear my past conditioning and trauma, let alone clear ancestral karma and set auric boundaries. I would just run with every newness and fun notion that entered my expanding noggin until it played out and left everyone around me wondering what was becoming of me. Needless to say, it was a wild roller-coaster ride on some extreme emotional gauntlets and gulags!

Today, I am happy to say with conviction that I have found some important truths that have become my foundation, the most important being my connection to the unconditional love of the universe that is available to every individual on the planet. It is this innate birthright of our connection to our source that gives us a life force powerful enough to transcend our limited lives into its infinite abundant nature while remaining grounded on the earth plane.

Change Takes Place First In The Brain

lifemight self-help super hero mascot brain power cartoon character

With new information comes new mental programming, which requires subtle shifts in consciousness away from the old way of thinking. Sometimes these mental shifts cause slight confusion, but all becomes clear once the brain processes the new concepts.

Self-realization is a personal matter, no one can do it for another and although there are similarities, the experience is totally unique. It’s our personal connection to the Earth and the Cosmos that strengthens the fabric of life in and around us. If change needs to happen, it comes from within and our only part is to find the way that works for us.

The Freedom Of Personal Clarity

The ultimate personal freedom is liberty from false beliefs about ourselves that we ‘learned’ and can be ‘unlearned’. With self-discovery comes revelations in many forms when the conscious mind has its AHA moments of clarity. The need to embark on this path also comes from within in many ways, as we learn to read the signs and triggers of truths and lies.

All knowledge resonates like plucked strings on the violin of our subconscious and it’s those tones that cause us to make choices in our life. To elaborate, living with truth makes us feel naturally balanced and living with lies feels awkwardly unbalanced. When it comes to living with lies we may subconsciously avoid them by escaping into overindulgence or hermitage.

Perhaps now is the time to take a good honest LOOK at your life for the signs of happiness? There is true happiness that comes from genuine thoughts connected to an open heart. There is also pseudo-happiness that many conform to from distorted thoughts connected to a closed heart.

Use this very old trick to knowing if you are living your truth about a certain thing:

your thought and your heart are aligned in happiness.




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