You Are More Powerful Than You Know

Self-help is self empowerment through potent personal development tools and the order of the day in this age of enlightenment. And, the more potent the tools the faster one grows in emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual freedom.

As any self-help guru will say, your subconscious belief in yourself is what you bring to the world. This is your self image and is subsequently reflected back to you in your environment. So, when you believe you are born only serve others you will forever be a doormat and miss out on your own true life path. Alternatively, when you are balanced in giving and receiving there is fulfillment in your life.

If you like your reflection then embrace and enjoy it, but as you know there always comes a time to grow. And, you can change your self-image if you don’t like what is reflected back to you with the flip of an internal switch. Happily, you only need to change that subconscious inner belief about only one person: you.

To make that change to your inner-verse, you need the proper tools, which is sometimes the most difficult part of the journey. Not to fear, we have done the experiential research over many decades. Our results showed the best method for self-help is hypnosis, or meditation on steroids, as we like to call it.

Dynamics Of Self-Help Hypnosis

The effectiveness behind today’s hypnosis is the powerful construction behind the framework of the digital scene between the scripts and placement, vocal tone and reflection, and recording quality. Plus, there are many enhancements that will allow usage any time and place.

Consider your choices with the removal of relaxation and music in high-speed and hybrid or fusion with binaural beats, and even iPhone Apps. Choose full length recordings that include guided visualization relaxation techniques for just before sleep that work in deeper alpha states throughout the night.

No matter your preference in learning the results are the most important goal and the most important factor is you. There is no need to go out-of-pocket here either, as there is the perfect motivational sample and the FAQ page will assist in choosing your particular style.

Want Help With Self-Help? You Got It!

At Lifemight we have the proven tools that will help you be the best you possible…the real you…without all of the baggage!

Simply remember the 10-letter B.A.S.I.C. M.O.D.E.L. that we developed to help you focus on your needs. This model is designed as a tag list of characteristics assigned to the extensive list of hypnosis mp3s to Change Your Life.



This will help you quickly identify which actions you may want to take and also help you eliminate ones you don’t need at this time. Spend some time whether you’re starting, continuing or expanding your life’s journey. There is no end to what you can do…truly…no limit.

Travelling Your Self-Help Path

Here is a nutshell compilation of the vast array of quality self-talk recordings that will help you stop, start, boost or control every area of your life. Very affordable, ultimately effective and easy to use, you will find these topics and more at this expert site. We highly recommend you start any transformation program with a relaxation method because sometimes that’s all you need, and inner guidance only comes through a peaceful mind.

Our next suggestion is to add the title Overcome Fear of Success as the second in your collection, because that fear alone can sabotage your desired result. You may be a total money magnet or love bug, but a vise-gripping fear of success in those areas will block that  ultimate realization.

Did You Know That You?

  • Start to unconsciously learn fears in your first seven years of life?
  • Have your own answers to your life’s situations and challenges right inside of you?
  • Are filled with your own life force that guides you on your own unique path?

These facts are consistent throughout every modality and on the lips of every intuitive healer around the world. The universal problem is that we were all raised with limited personal growth in one way or another. Plus, the expectations of society can make any forward-thinker feel like an outcast in their workplace or family.

Best Place To Start With Self-Help

The internet has more than enough self-help and improvement knowledge if one so chooses to look. The downside is that too much information overload makes for a daunting soul search if you don’t know where to begin.

Ideally, the best starting place is your own sense of guidance that will lead you to your own right answers. It is also your best friend when searching for your own truths and perhaps you are already aware of it. Awaken Spirit Guides

Internal guidance will also develop over time, so clearing old negative energy is the next priority. The challenge is learning to trust those gut instincts and epiphanies, because they are messages for you alone.

Change Takes Place First In The Brain

With new information comes new mental programming, which requires subtle shifts in consciousness away from the old way of thinking. Sometimes these mental shifts cause slight confusion, but all becomes clear once the brain processes the new concepts.

Self-realization is a personal matter, no one can do it for another and although there are similarities, the experience is totally unique. It’s our personal connection to the Earth and the Cosmos that strengthens the fabric of life in and around us. If change needs to happen, it comes from within and our only part is to find the way that works for us.

Since we all learn and process information differently, it is good to know that hypnosis crosses many learning boundaries. It is basically a way of re-recording the self-talk messages that continuously play in our subconscious. With a success-oriented foundation one can align with the energy toward fully realizing goals and desires.

The Freedom Of Personal Clarity

The ultimate personal freedom is liberty from false beliefs about ourselves that we ‘learned’ and can be ‘unlearned’. With self-discovery comes revelations in many forms when the conscious mind has its AHA moments of clarity. The need to embark on this path also comes from within in many ways, as we learn to read the signs and triggers of truths and lies.

All knowledge resonates like plucked strings on the violin of our subconscious and it’s those tones that cause us to make choices in our life. To elaborate, living with truth makes us feel naturally balanced and living with lies feels awkwardly unbalanced. When it comes to living with lies we may subconsciously avoid them by escaping into overindulgence or hermitage.

Perhaps now is the time to take a good honest LOOK at your life for the signs of happiness? There is true happiness that comes from genuine thoughts connected to an open heart. There is also pseudo-happiness that many conform to from distorted thoughts connected to a closed heart.

Use this very old trick to knowing if you are living your truth:

your thoughts and your heart are aligned in happiness.




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